An Unexpected Journey

I type this on my newly cracked phone on the bottom bunk in a cabin full of full suitcase and tired girls. Yes, I'm at church camp. And I'm having a great time! But right now I want to communicate to you my unexpected adventure yesterday,
And I know no better way to tell you this story than through iPhone photos. I must finish quickly, because lights out approaches, so here we go!  

It started with a trail. 

We had a little over an hour to explore before dinner, and so we decided to explore this wonderful camp! 

Everything displayed the amazing creative power of God! 

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour out speech; night after night they reveal knowledge." (Psalm 19:1-2)

And then came the creak. 

Because I was with my mom, the only adult in the group, we had to follow the girls much ahead of us, but little did we know their comminmentnt to the trail. And so we waded the creak. 

And much, much more water. 

Because of the rain, the whole pathway flooded, spreading mud and water everywhere. But we kept going, for after all, the trial wasn't that long, right? 


It turns out that we accidentally took the almost four mile hike to the top of the hill, rather than the little half mile trail we intended. Yes, four miles in in an hour and a half over the flooded paths of dirt. 

Unexpected, yes. 

An adventure, even more. 

I could have just complained, but then I thought: I could actually enjoy this journey, the view and the excitement, and then, the fun began. Then we reached the top. 

And then all those puddles, my ruined shoes, and the hungry way back all felt worth it. The cross awed me and God's provision made me wonder, for if I had known which path I started at the beginning, I would have never started it, but after going it, I realized how much joy came from the beauty and excitement of nature! God knew best. He always knows best. 

I must go to bed now, but you will hear more about my camp experiences and how God is working in my life! Comment below an unexpected adventure of yore! 

Princess Hannah 


My Favorite Two Words

My favorite two words... These two words made themselves known to me during middle school and kept popping up since. When I find these words. I always underline and circle and highlight them. They changed my life, and right now, I will share them with you. Are you ready?

But God. 

What? Two three-letter words changed my life? And these words seem so unsuspecting, so ordinary. But listen as I pour out to you the power of these two words.

The words "but God," "but the Lord," or "but Jesus" appear, in that order, 231 times in the NLT translation of the Bible and I didn't even count all of the times that God say "but I." From Genesis to Revelation, these two word provide a transition that almost always points to Jesus and His grace, and that, my friends, prompts me to fall in love with them! They hold power in our everyday lives because they hold power in Jesus. Let me explain by unpacking the first "but God" moment in scripture, found in Genesis 2 and 3.

God created the world. He, out of His power and imagination, made countless types of creatures and plants. He invented the idea of time, and He made a world much larger than we can even know. And then He created something special, something in His own image, man. He created a worshiper, a fellow creator, and an emotional, rational, being like Himself, only on a much, much smaller scale.

And it was good. No, it was very good.

God could have left it there. He could have called it a day, and we would have worshipped Him in perfection forever, BUT GOD, chose to give us a choice. He chose to let us choose Him, which also meant that He chose to let us not choose Him. He gave us freedom and responsibility that He did not have to give us, for we could have lived like the angels, who always worship God but also don't have much of a choice. But God decided that He wanted us. He wanted a relationship with us; He wanted to love us, and He wanted us to love Him back, so He gave us a choice.

"But the Lord God warned him, 'You may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden- except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat of its fruit, you are sure to die." (Genesis 2:16, NLT)

And we, like the small creations that we are, chose wrong.

"The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it, too." (Genesis 3:6, NLT) 

We chose a life apart from God, our Creator. We thought that we knew better, but how could the creation know better than the Creator? And right here, things got messy. Adam and Eve hid away and tried to cover themselves, but they couldn't hide from their own sins. They couldn't fix themselves. But just wait, for beauty comes out of this mess. 

"But the Lord God called to the man, 'Where are you?'" (Genesis 3:9, NIV) 

Where are you? 

Obviously, God knew where Adam hid. He knew what mankind did, so He didn't ask this question for His own sake. So then, I must ask, for whose sake did He ask the question? 


Man sinned. Man dishonored God, rebelled, rolled in the mire of sin, and looked despicable and ugly. Man certainly didn't deserve any grace from God; for, after all, God warned us about this sin. So man hid in shame of sin, afraid of what God would do. 

But God came. 

But God sought. 

But God invited. 

I believe that God asked this question in order to invite mankind back into a relationship with Him. He sought us out and made a way for us to come to Him in confession because, incomprehensible to my mind, God loved us. He loves us. 

Now Adam and Eve didn't respond very well to this invitation In fact, mankind rebuked God's invitation to a relationship with Himself again and again (just read pretty much the whole Old Testament). But God pursued. 

And God also knew that one day, He would come in the form of a man, that He would seek from the height of the cross, and that He would invite in front of an empty tomb. God knew from the beginning what path He started, that it would lead to His death. He had already planned out the story, but God chose and pursued us. But God went beyond what we can comprehend to bring grace to the ugly and beauty to the mess. But God. 

Please live in the "But God" moments. Let the grace of God transform your mess into beauty by His power. Let Him chose you and pursue you. And then respond to His invitation with worship. There you will find grace; in the arms of a God full of love you will find a new life to give back over to Him. But God. Know it, believe it, live it. 

I will be studying the "but God" moments throughout scripture for the next while, and I feel so excited to understand and live in God's grace as I discover His character! Comment below if you would like to hear more "but God" moments on the blog, and also comment a "but God" moment you've discovered in the Bible or in life! I love you guys! 

Princess Hannah 


Big Announcements and Requests

Okay, guys, I need to tell you something, something very exciting, and something that will, in a way, effect the blog this summer. You probably already skimmed to the next paragraph to find out about the surprise, therefore I don't know why I'm still writing this paragraph, so...

I am spending six weeks in New York this summer!!!!

Five of those weeks consist of training for ballet at American Academy of Ballet in Westchester, and one of those weeks consists of walking the streets of NYC with my lovely Mother! I know, pretty amazing! I will fly for the first time, by myself. I will train for hours and hours a day, six days a week, for five weeks (longer than any other ballet intensives I've attended). I will see Broadway and the Empire State building and so much more!


But, I need your help! One, traveling tips. I pretty much pack everything except that random beanbag in the corner, so I need advice on how to cram as much stuff as possible in two suitcases. And also, flying. I don't feel scared, but just a little, how do you say it, uncertain. Yes. Uncertain. Tips? Encouragement? And then I really want any recommendations and tips for New York City itself. What are the best and cheapest restaurants, shops, museums, etc? What shoes can I wear to look both fashionable and not-in-pain? What about easy and chic purses? Lasting make-up? Other general traveling ideas and tips?

But not only do I need help with the traveling, but I want to know how to keep up the blog while far away. Do you have any tips on how to manage social media ahead of time, especially because my wifi will be iffie. How about blogging on the go? Go-to photo editing apps for an iPhone?

I know that I asked so many questions, but this is so new to me. I've dreamed of going to New York City as my senior trip for the longest time, and I want to have the best time ever! (And don't worry, I will keep all of you updated and showered with pictures!) But, even more than NYC, I am excited for God's plan for me, and how New York plays into His Story as I encounter new people from varying backgrounds. I get such a unique opportunity to spend five weeks with lots of different people, and I want to leave an everlasting impression! So my last question for you lovely people is this: how do you keep Jesus and His kingdom your focus even when you have very little time to spend strictly with God?

Best Day Ever! Rapunzel Tangled GIF

Thank you all in advance for any advice posted in the comments! Don't feel like you have to answer all of the questions, for I will appreciate even a little tidbit from you kindred spirits! And keep posted for a post about my favorite two words as well as a guest post!

Princess Hannah


Glitter Picture Frames

For the second installment on glittery awesome crafts, I bring to you...

These, just like the DIY Glitter Glass Bottles, are super easy to make, not to mention fun! I made both versions for my graduation party, and they turned out so lovely!


~Wooden frames of any size

~Glitter paint. (I used this one)

~Colored paint

~Paintbrush or sponge

~Mod Podge

~Loose glitter

~Clear spray paint sealant

Option One (Glitter frames with pink edges)

Step One- Painting

When using the glitter paint, make sure to get a lot of paint on the brush because you will want a good first coat. You want to really cover this baby with glitter! Also, don't paint the edges of the frame because we will address that part later.

Step Two- More Painting

With the glitter paint, you will need to apply another coat of paint or maybe even two more coats if you applied thin coats. Just make sure that you let the paint dry for around an hour in-between coats.

Step Three- Add in the Color

When the paint dries, you need to paint those edges that you previously left blank. I love the contrasting edges because it gives the frames a bit of personality!

And that's it! So easy, right! Now for the second option...

Option Two (Pink frame with glitter edges)

Step One- Paint

This time, I painted the frame pink, leaving the edges blank. I only used one coat, but you could apply another coat if you're feeling ambitious.

Step Two- Mod Podge

Paint the Mod Podge on the edges of your frame. I like to do only one or two sides at a time so that the glue doesn't dry while I do the next step. But I get ahead of myself.

Step Three- GLITTER!

I poured some glitter into a plate and then dipped the glued edges into the glitter, but you could directly pour the glitter on the glue as well; just make sure that you place a plate or some newspaper under the downpour!

Step Four- Lay the Boundaries

I know some people say to color outside of the lines, but right here, I like to tell my glitter to stay inside of the lines! The glitter tended to go all over the place, so I scraped the edges to form a clean line.

Step Five (not pictured)- Entrap the Glitter

Follow the directions on your clear spray paint sealant to apply a few coats over the glitter edges. I found this easiest to do if I placed the frames over shoeboxes so that the edges of the frames lay a few inches off of the ground.

And that's it! So easy and simple! Now, all you have to do it fill the frames with something lovely! I designed pretty layouts for my favorite verses on Word Swag (an amazing app), and I displayed these influential words on every table at my party. I will leave you with this verses describing what is truly beautiful in this world:

And yes, glitter does make the cut. Because last I checked, glitter is lovely. Very lovely indeed. A creation from God. In fact, when you think about it, glitter gets its beauty from reflecting the light, and with no light to reflect, the glitter is just pieces of plastic. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't decorate my room with dull pieces of plastic. And just so, we find our true beauty when we reflect the light of Jesus Christ! Why would the world want to look like us if we don't reflect the Light? For without Jesus, we are like dull pieces of plastic.

So I encourage you to play with glitter this week, yes, but even more so I encourage you to act like glitter, gaining beauty by reflecting the Light!

Stay tuned for a guest post and a post about my favorite two words! And comment below what you think about the recent glitter posts!

Princess Hannah

P.S. Crafting for me looks much different than blog photos most of the time. Here's "real-life" look at the afternoon of crafting at my house, complete with multiple projects, newspaper, and an empty bowl which once held grapes. Just being honest about life for you guys!



DIY Glitter Bottle Vases

Do you have any glass bottles sitting around your house, just waiting for you to make something fabulous out of them? I do. You see, I've always loved glass bottles. I guess, in an age of plastic everything, the glass bottles just feel so... real. Not to mention they look adorably vintage and classy. The only drawback to glass bottles is that I can never get myself to throw (or recycle) them away. I want them to stay and continue to bring charm to my life, but seriously, how many glass bottles does one need? 

But this post, my friends, this may solve all of my problems. I bring to you... 

Yes, I said the magic word. Glitter. Not only do these bottles look so fresh and vibrant, they take very little supplies and even less effort. I used them as vases for centerpieces for my graduation, and now I have a couple sitting on top of my desk just sparkling. And let me tell you, these pretty things know how to sparkle. 

So, here's how you can make your own glitter bottles! 


A glass bottle, clean and with no labels

Painter's or masking tape 

Mod Podge

Paintbrush or sponge

Glitter (I bought this one at Michaels) 

Clear Sealant spray-paint

Step One- Tape Your Bottle

I taped mine where the bottle already curved, but you can tape your lower or higher depending on the bottle and your preference. Don't worry about making it perfectly straight, people will look at the glitter, not the line. Also, I tried a few different varieties in making my bottles, painting pink stripes at the bottom of the bottle for a different feel. Try new things and be creative! 

Step Two- Paint on the Mod Podge

Simple. Make sure you give the whole bottle a generous coat and don't forget the bottom edge! 

Step Three- GLITTER

Cover that bottle with glitter! Unless you want a true explosion of glitter over your entire house, put a plate, some paper, a tablecloth and a superhero's cape (because those never seems to get dirty) underneath the glitter downpour. And even then, you will probably track bits of gold wonderfulness all over the house. Embrace the glitter, embrace it. 

On a more technical note, pour on more glitter than you think you will need. You want to completely cover the bottle. Again, don't forget the bottom of the glass. 

Step Four- Shake It Off

I shake it off, shake it off. (I, I) I shake it off, shake it off (oh, oh)...

Sorry, I got carried away in my Taylor Swift-ness. What I meant to say is shake off the excess glitter and also peel off the tape. (oh, oh)

Step Five (not pictured)- Seal the Sparkle

Go outside and follow the directions on your can of clear sealant to keep your bottles from raining glitter every time that you touch them. I gave my bottles four coats of sealant, but they probably could use one more, I just don't feel like going outside and spaying them again. 

That's it! This whole process took me less than ten minutes per bottle, and I made fourteen of them easily (with the help from my lovely sisters)! I love how these little bottles shine and attract attention. I paired my bottles with bright pink roses for a special pop, but you can do so many things with lovely accents! 

Comment below if you plan on turning your glass bottles into works of art. And stay tuned for my second tutorial on my graduation crafts (hint, I used more glitter). Love you guys! 

Princess Hannah 


Nine Steps to the Best Party Ever

This last Sunday, for my graduation, I threw the biggest party I ever planned, and it looked beautiful!

I've thrown quite a few parties in my short life. Birthday parties, for not only me but my three sisters. Halloween parties. End of the year parties. Random parties just for the fun of it. If I don't teach ballet as a living, I will consider event planning, because I really do love it! And now I will disclose to you some of the things that I learned as I planned and prepared and threw my party last Sunday!

You see, many people think that the details and work associated with throwing parties will overwhelm them. They think that they can't do it, but I want to make party-throwing easy for all reading this with nine easy steps, because I believe that ability to throw a good party allows people to minister for God even better. Jesus knew how to party (see John 2:1-12), now it's our turn!

Nine steps to a great party: 

1. Do your research

Parties start on Pinterest. No, don't laugh! Researching your party weeks in advance really helps you to feel prepared and confident in your party. I highly recommend creating a board for any upcoming events, be it a secret. public, or a group board, to help channel ideas and keep reminders of all your inspirations. My board, here, helped me figure out what I wanted to do and helped me plan out my theme. Speaking of...

2. Pick a Theme

After much pinning, narrow it down. Figure out what you want to do, what colors you want to use and how your party will feel. Will people dress up? Finger foods? Sit down meal? Family event? Vintage inspired? Try to state the theme of your party in one sentence, and then all future ideas and purchases will naturally fall into your theme. For me, my party's theme was as follows:

A pink and gold celebration of a vintage-loving ballerina who love Jesus. 

There you have it! Then, when I bought my purchases, I referred back to my theme to see if they would all coordinate.

3. Know When to Make It 

I love crafting, so I obviously wanted to make a few things for my party (tutorials will come up soon!). When it comes to the DIYs, however, you want to finish sooner rather than later. Trust me, you don't want to have to stay up late the night before making paper fans galore. (True story.) With that said, homemade decor and games add a personal flair and exciting investment to any party, so don't be afraid to tackle the DIYs! I made the centerpieces for all of my tables as well as some paper fan backdrops for my party, and those touches really made a difference.

4. Know When to Buy It

You could try and make everything yourself, from the banner to the cake, but the more you make, the more time you spend, the more time you spend, the more invested you are, and the more invested you are, the more upset you will become when something goes wrong. And trust me, something will always go wrong.

Don't overstretch yourself with trying to make everything, but make what you know that you can, and buy the rest. Also, check in the stores and online for good deals, because DIYs aren't always the cheapest option. Even if you spend less money with the DIY, sometimes not having to worry about the cake it worth a bit of money. I bought the cake, photo holders, and photo-booth accessories instead of making them, and I don't regret it!

5. Know When to Borrow It

Parties oftentimes require things that would make no sense to buy and would make even less sense to make. Really, how often will I need two drink dispensers or a projector? But I needed them for my party. So what did I do? I borrowed them. I borrowed serving ware, a projector, cake stands, dress forms and tablecloths for my party, and without generous friends to let me borrow them, my party either would have looked way plainer or would have cost much more! Find out who will lend you something, and then ask them! They won't likely say no. Just make sure to return all of the borrowed items, cleaned, in a timely manner.

6. Don't Fear Asking For Help

Big projects take more than one person to complete, so don't fool yourself into thinking that you can throw a party by yourself! Believe it or not, people actually want to help you, so ask them! A huge part of the success of my party depended upon my sisters helping me cover bottles in glitter, my mom going to endless stores for plates, fruit, sorbet, and more, my dad cooking pulled pork, and many friends to help set up, serve, and clean up. Really, their readiness to help blew me away, and it made my party even more special!

A task every leader must learn, though, is the task of delegating. You must tell the helpers what to do and assign the proper tasks to the proper people (a.k.a, don't ask your little sister to cut the cake). Then the prep goes so much faster!

And I can't forget the most important person, Jesus! I wanted to make my party center around Him, and I knew that I couldn't do that without Him, so I prayed over this celebration for weeks and also let Him give me a pep-talk before it began. Through Jesus' grace, He received the glory, and that makes me smile!

7. Remember That the Party Centers Around the Guests

Even if the party celebrates you or a close friend, good parties never just center around one person but cater to the guests. Pick activities and food that the guests will enjoy and make sure to keep them in focus throughout the event. You love the strawberry cake but don't think everyone will like it? Get chocolate cupcakes too. You think that ballroom dancing rocks but your guests would feel uncomfortable dancing?  What about a photo-booth instead? Make sure that the event feels fun and comfortable for the guests, because, really, parties celebrate all of the people there, not just the birthday girl or graduate. That being said, don't just do what you feel you have to do or what everyone else prefers. Make it you, but also make it engaging and enjoyable for all!

8. Play Some Music 

Music in the background makes everything grander. It fills any gaps in conversation and sometimes can even start conversations. I used the wonderful Amazon music to make a playlist (you could do the same on iTunes) because I wanted to handpick the songs to fit the party, something I recommend, If you don't have time to create a playlist, use Pandora or Spotify or pop in some CDs to keep the tunes flowing!

9. Don't Stay in Party-Planning Mode

When the party starts, don't keep too busy making sure that everything runs smoothly and that every person had some punch and that you photograph every moment. No, you did the work, you made the party, and now you must enjoy it! This transition between planner to party-goer took me a moment to get used to Sunday, but it was the most important step for my party, because even if the room looked amazing and everyone loved the cake and the pictures turned out perfect, if I didn't enjoy myself, the party didn't reach full potential. So for the last step, forget all of the previous steps and just have fun!

These nine steps all helped me to throw my best party yet last Sunday, and I hope that they assist you to feel confident and joyful in your future party endeavors! Comment below any party tips that you've discovered as well as your favorite tip discussed above! And stay tuned for the tutorials of the crafts that I made for the party!

Princess Hannah


How I Made My Blog Beautiful

Do you want to make your blog look personal yet professional? Do you want it to reflect you and appeal to others? But does coding and formatting confuse you and take up wayyy more time than it should?

I feel you, because this describes me exactly! But thankfully, I figured out this blog design thing with very little work, money, and time.
Grace In Everything

How did I do it, you ask?

I didn't.

Eve from Eve's Garden of Designs did it.

Eve's Garden of Designs

You may have noticed that the blog changed a bit over the past two weeks or so, but I didn't want to feature Eve until she finished her magic, so I could fully brag on her work. And since she completed it, this post must come out with trumpets!

I first got to know Eve through her blog, Eve of Womanhood, and I loved to read her authentic posts that helped me to see life more clearly, complemented by her beautiful pictures which captured moments rather than poses. When she announced that her design shop held a month long sale in April I toyed with the idea that I would buy her custom design. I thought "maybe I can just do this myself." Or "what if it's not exactly what I want?" But I didn't really believe those thoughts, so I purchased the design, and Eve and I started communicating on what I wanted my blog to look like. 

Let me tell you that her process is great! She really tried to understand my vision, and we emailed countless times throughout the process. I made a mood board on Pinterest, linked her up to other blogs I liked, and more. And then she designed this lovely blog! She designed and installed the header, layout, and social media icons, as well as a favicon and button! 

If you want to spruce your blog up for a great price and make a friend in the process, please go to Eve's shop! She also has pretty pre-made templates that are easy and inexpensive as well. I never regretted buying her custom template and encourage all who read this to check her out! 

Sorry for ranting, but as you can tell, I love how my blog looks now! Many more posts coming up, including a feature on my graduation party and how you throw the best party ever! Here's a pic of the decor. You won't want to miss these next few posts! 

Have a lovely week, and comment below your tricks for blog design! 

Princess Hannah 


Looking Back, Going Forward

Do me a favor and look back on your life
Remember the moments and examine the growth
For sometimes you can't see the reason for "now"
You have to step back to see what's ahead

And when you see the whole picture, then you can move
For the lessons of history still guide us today
And when you see Jesus, calling your name 
You can rest in His presence and the joys of His life

For He has pursued you from the beginnings of time
 He knows all your movements, even the dark days
He pulls you into Him, into His huge embrace
He loved you then, loves you now, will love you forever

So peer into old notebooks, with misspellings and more 
Take joy in past photos that capture moments in time
See how God worked so you can see how He works
And let Him hold you today, for He's made your way

 This post explains my week and why I haven't posted yet. Graduation approaches and a pile of preparations demanded my attention. Since I am home-schooled and decided not to graduate with the other home-schoolers (and therefore give all control to The Moms and participate in a rather typical ceremony), I planned a party of my own to take place this Sunday, a party full of pink, glitter, Polaroids, old pictures, ballet costumes, and most of all, Jesus! But putting on such a party takes a bit of work, so this week I did the following: looked through almost every picture taken of me since my mother first held me, thumbed through old notebooks to see how God worked in my life, DIYed with my sisters, tracking glitter all through the house (don't worry, a post will soon tell you of the glitter and how you too can make adorable vases and frames with it), and more! I miss you, little blog, and reading all of the posts by my favorite bloggers, but don't worry, next week holds some exciting plans and posts! 

Comment below a favorite memory from life past and what's been going on in your life lately! And have you noticed some changes around the blog? More on that later! 

Princess Hannah 



Avengers: Age of Ultron

"In a world this vulnerable, we need something more powerful than any of us."

-Tony Stark, Avengers: Age of Ultron

My sisters may have counted the days until we assembled to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I must say that I felt pretty excited about it too, but the story went much beyond what I expected. However much I do judge a movie by the trailer, we really can't do that anymore (Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Big Hero 6 all didn't have trailers that did them justice in my opinion), so forget whatever first impressions you made of this movie and hear the three things that made it stand out to me this morning. 

(Disclaimer: This post contains no spoilers, but it does discuss general themes.)

1. The characters. By now, Marvel fans have spent quite a bit of time getting to know these characters (I mean, Iron Man has three movies!), but this movie took their complexities to another level. It explored Banner's unwillingness to see himself as anything but a monster, Romanoff's doubts of her own character, and Stark's fear of not being enough. But Barton stole the show this time, a nice change. Because how does someone fairly regular (and by regular I mean someone not genetically modified, of a different race, or otherwise enhanced and "super") fit in with a team of gods, geniuses, and superhumans? 

2. The action. Marvel knows how to do this. From beginning to end, the Avengers tear up bad-guys, ruins cities, and otherwise cause explosives and showy effects everywhere they go, but for a girl who doesn't like too much action (or at least, unrealistic action), this didn't bother me in Age of Ultron. The battle scenes, although anything but realistic, didn't feel forced or stretched. Also, the characters really focused on civilian casualties in this movie (more so than any other Marvel movie) and did everything they could to protect the civilians, not just defeat the villain. And with character growth and humor thrown in all throughout, the fight scenes didn't tire me out or bore me. In fact, I appreciated the action more in the sequel than in the original! Marvel knows how to raise the stakes and make every scene build upon the previous one (and every movie build upon the previous movie for that matter), something that kept me glued to the screen. 

3. The Thought-provoking Themes. As the quote from Tony Stark stated in the beginning of this post said, the movie played upon the idea that we must be the strongest in order to win. Characters abandoned convictions and even logic in pursuit of guaranteed safety and peace, but that ended up not working out as expected. Ultron, the villain in the movie, believed the idea that humans aren't enough, that he needed to start over with something more powerful and more able. His idea of peace looked like this: "I know you're good people. I know you mean well. But you just didn't think it through. There is only one path to peace... your extinction."

And, in a way, we can think along these lines as well. We can think that it's up to use to save the world, to save ourselves. And again and again we realize that we just can't do it. The odds are stacked against us, but we don't even need an outside force to destroy us, because we can do that all by ourselves. By our sin, we kill ourselves to the beauty God intended for us, and when we look up in the entanglement of strings around us, we like to think that if we were stronger, faster, smarter, or better, then maybe we could get ourselves out of this mess. We just have to try harder and then things will turn out in the end, right? 


We killed ourselves. And I only know one being capable of coming back from the dead based on sheer goodness and strength, Jesus. Tony speaks the truth when he says that "In a world this vulnerable, we need something more powerful than any of us." But we don't need "something", not better lives or prettier bodies. Not advanced machinery like the movie or even loving relationships can bring our deadness into life. No, we need a "someone" to save us, someone more powerful than anything on this earth. 

We need Jesus. 

And Jesus came. He saved the day! He brought us life that will never go away. He brings peace beyond what we can comprehend. He is enough, even when we fail again and again. He gives grace to us and loves us, knowing that we can't do it. Jesus knows! He knows that we couldn't do this life, and that's why He came to do it for us. What love and power! 

I hope that you want to rush and see Avengers: Age of Ultron now, but even more than that, I pray that you remember that we do need Someone more powerful than any of us, we need Jesus! Comment below your thoughts on the movie or the Marvel franchise in general! Have a joyful weekend!

Princess Hannah