I'm Tired of Being Okay

"I just want to be okay."

"Are you okay?" 

"I'm okay." 


To be honest, I'm tired of the word "okay." I'm tired of seeking to just be "okay" in life, but that's all our culture excepts us to be, if that. Check out all of the articles on Odyssey on how girls are becoming okay with not being okay. Something is missing here. 

I recently fractured my foot. That's not an okay circumstance by any means, and I struggle with it. I struggle with not dancing. I struggle with worry and frustration and anxiety and loneliness. I struggle to put on my one shoe for goodness sake!

People ask me every day if I'm okay. At first I couldn't answer them affirmatively. My soul felt safe in the hands of God, and I trusted Him more than my mind knew, but I struggled. 

Then I realized just how okay I am in Christ. I realized that He is enough. Even if I can never dance again (that's not a concern, by the way), He is ENOUGH. 

But God showed me something that BLEW. MY. SOUL. 

Listen up, folks, 'cause it could change your soul too. 

God doesn't just make us okay. 

He isn't only enough for us. 



Oh, I'm about to cry right now thinking about the immeasurable grace of the gift of God. Yet we try to sum it up in the words okay or enough. We try to contain the presence of God into something that we can understand and measure.

For we can't imagine what it would be like to be great. After all, we are so sinful and weak and small. We get scared of a broken foot and break down crying. Regularly. We can't manage to even be okay, so why would we expect to be great

Good thing God works on a different level than us. 

"But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God's grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!... For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God's abundant provision of grace reign in life through that one man, Jesus Christ."

Romans 5:15, 17, emphasis mine

How much more. 

How much more. 

Are we living the how much more life? Or are we simply seeking to get by, to be okay?

There are points in our lives when seeking to be okay is enough of a battle for our souls. I had to fight to get to a place where I was okay when I fractured my foot. I am not denying that there are times when the knowledge that God is enough for us is all that we can handle.

But do we want to stay in the okay place forever? Do we not want to taste the immeasurable greatness and glory of God? What is waiting for us on the other side of "okay?" What will we find when we beckon the Spirit of God to not simply be enough for us but to overflow in us?

I don't have an answer for you, not yet. But I'm tired of staying in an okay place, not when God offers to us (at great cost) the much more. So I'm praying to the Holy Spirit. I'm leaning into the gift of grace knowing that there is so much more out there than I can imagine.

Will you live the much more life with me?

Princess Hannah


10 Ways to Celebrate Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast. It's a tale as old as time, a tale of beauty and love, and it has stolen the hearts of true princesses everywhere. But what can a princess do to celebrate this beautiful story?

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of the Beauty and the Beast spirit, so I found 10 ways to live like my inner Belle. Be careful, or by the end of this post Beauty and the Beast will take over your life as well!

1. Go See It

This one is pretty obvious. If you haven't seen the new release, GO WATCH IT!!! Cancel your plans, drag your best friend to the theater, and sigh with happiness the entire time.

Image result for beauty and the beast
image found here

2. Dress inspired by it

I LOVE wearing clothes inspired by my favorite movies, and Beauty and the Beast is no exception. One of my favorite parts of the costuming was actually a very small detailing: Belle's ear cuff in the ball room scene. Naturally, I found a few designs that are sold in this day and age to make up for the fact that the wardrobe can't dress me for dinner. Check out this rose ear jacket and gold plate ear vine from Etsy.

I also saw a few Beauty and the Beast clothing pieces at Disney World that they also sell online. This long sleeve shirt is so lovely! This rose purse, though, steels the show!

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Crossbody Bag by Danielle Nicole

If you want to look at more Beauty and the Beast clothing collections, look at JCPenny, Kohls, or Macys!

3. Bake something royal

I bake for every occasion, so of course I found some adorable Beauty and the Beast cupcakes from Cupcake Diaries! I love the two designs she presents- one for Belle and one for the Beast.

No Beauty and the Beast dessert conversation is complete without mentioning the grey stuff (it's delicious!) My mom made this recipe a while back, and it is very good! (Although Disney World does it better. If you have a chance, go to Be Our Guest and try it for yourself!)

Disney World's "Grey Stuff" recipe!! It's so easy to make and so delicious. Tastes just like the recipe from the Be Our Guest restaurant. { lilluna.com } So smooth and made with vanilla and chocolate pudding mix, milk, cool whip, and oreos and topped with sprinkles!!

4. Cook a meal worthy of Lumiere 

Beef ragout
Cheese souffle
Pie and pudding "en flambe"
We'll prepare and serve with flair
A culinary cabaret

Make the feast yourself with these scrumptious looking recipes for beef ragout and cheese souffle.

Beauty and the Beast: Beef Ragout Recipe

5. Host a Sing Along

Share your love for Beauty and the Beast with others by hosting a sing along party. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just pop in the original movie, play it with subtitles, and sing with gusto. The grey stuff is optional but highly encouraged. For other party-throwing tips if you want to get fancy, check out this post from Cutesy Crafts with some cheep and east ideas!

6. Read a book

What is a more Belle thing to do than reading? So really, most of us celebrate Beauty and the Beast every day without knowing it! If you want a great Beauty and the Beast retelling, try out these favorites:

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.  by Jessica Day George. This book is one of my all-time favorites. A must read!
Jessica Day George

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, one of the best series I've ever read!

Beauty by Robin McKinley. I've never read this one, but it comes highly recommended. It's been on my to-read list for a while.

Beastly by Alex Flinn. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I've only watched the movie version of this book, but since the book is almost always better, then I'm sure this book is great because the movie rocked!

Harry Potter. Belle would approve.

7. Drink Tea

Mrs. Potts won't let you forget about her! Make a spot of tea in honor of our favorite tea pot and cup. Even better, drink out of Chip himself! You can make him at home with this Chip DIY from The Sits Girls or buy it from Amazon or Hot Topic

8. Watch inspired YouTube videos

Fangirl with a host of other people by watching fan videos, interviews, and more! I picked a few of my favorites for you to check out! 

9. Make your own video

Better yet, make your own video! I want to see what you think. Maybe a music video? A voice over by your three-year-old cousin? Get creative!

10. Indulge in some merchandise 

Every Disney movie comes with the high price of amazing themed merchandise! As Once Upon a Time says, "All magic comes with a price." My favorite Beauty and the Beast merchandise options are this playful coloring book and exquisite puzzle!

Beauty and the Beast Art of Coloring Book - Live Action Film


Really, you must go see this wonderful movie! It truly was a beauty. 

Comment below your thoughts on Beauty and the Beast. Do you want to try out any of these ideas? HOW ABOUT WE FREAK OUT TOGETHER THAT THE MOVIE FINALLY CAME OUT AND IT WAS WONDERFUL?!?!?!

Have a magical rest of your week, and don't forget to try one of these ideas! 

Princess Hannah


Grace In Everything- Two Years Later


Part of me feels shocked that it's been that long, and the other part can't remember a time where I didn't learn something and instantly start forming a blog post in my heart.

First of all, THANK YOU.


Without you, reader, Grace In Everything couldn't have done what it's done. And what has Grace In Everything done, you ask? Let me tell you:

Two Years Later: Grace In Everything changed my life. 

It changed how I viewed the lessons God teaches me. I started looking for them and seeking to interpret them into thoughts and words that others, and mainly I, could understand. God made me so much more aware of life through blogging.

It changed how I used my gifts. If you can't tell, I have the spiritual gift of teaching, and this little blog offered me chances to discover how to use this gift to help people, even as they helped me.

It changed how I spent my time. Because, SPOILER ALERT, blogging takes time. I've struggled with this a few times (I'm sure you noticed). Sometimes I didn't have the time to properly blog, but I've learned about time management and also how to write up a blog post in one night!

It changed my major. I went into college majoring in marketing because that was the useful, practical thing to do. I liked business, but it didn't feel like me. That's when I discovered mass communications. My experience with blogging and enjoyment of connecting with the "masses" prompted me to change my major to what I now LOVE.

Two Years Later: I wrote some fun posts.

In these two years, I published 108 posts, so picking a favorite is near impossible. (Like, trying to decide my top five almost hurt physically.) Buuut here a few that I'm pretty darn proud of: 

I often go back to this post myself when I'm struggling to know what to do next. 

This post documents my adventure dancing at AAB in New York two summers ago. Man, I learned so much then! 

I poured out my deepest struggle here, and it was hard. It was hard to face the facts and tell others how I struggle. It was worth it, though, because Jesus shines through me, and in Him, my weakness is strength. 

I love outfit posts, but my fashion testimony in this one made it a favorite! 

Guys, this post freed me so much. It freed me to be me. 

Not mentioned but still treasured are almost every other post I've published. Nbd. 

Two Years Later: I met some cool people.

Whenever life steals me away from blogging, I feel something missing. And no, it's not the sound of fingers typing on a keyboard (school essays will never let me forget that noise). It's the friends that I've made through blogging. Y'all really make it worthwhile. 

Grace, like, I blog for you. You are such a good friend that you deserve your own post of appreciation. 

Erin, I think I've finally gotten over how weird it is that God teaches us the same things at the same time. God is just cool like that. 

Emily, you make my heart smile. 

Abbie, you never cease to inspire me. 

Olivia, you are the coolest. 

Madison, I didn't even know someone could do that with fashion until you showed me. 

There are so many other people too. Really, every person that has commented, messaged, or contacted Grace In Everything is a blessing to me and the blog, so thank you. 

Two Years Later: I did some cool things. 


Paper Comets Magazine. I was a part of a AWESOME collaboration that put together an online magazine! Shout-out to Abigail and Ava for making this happen! A bunch of spectacular people designed pages focused on different inspiring words, so you should check it out. 

Burning Youth. Speaking of awesome collaborations, I am a part of the Burning Youth community. Katie and Abbiee started a fabulous network of bloggers who have a thing or two to say about life. Yes, I haven't posted in a while, but that's about to change.  But seriously, if you want some inspiration, go check it out. 

Instagram. I went out and started an Instagram account for Grace In Everything, and it's been fun! Give your girl a follow. 

Facebook. Yes, Facebook still exists. Plus, it's been very useful in promoting Grace In Everything. Like the page! 

Twitter. Sometimes I'm funny. Most of the time, I just quote my sisters. 

Two Years Later: I'm looking forward to another two years

For the next two years, I have some fun things planned, like...

A YouTube Channel! I'm in the process of starting a YouTube Channel dedicated to my Disney Adventure! It's called Hannah's Disney Adventure- Grace in Disney World. (See what I did there?)

More posts about college life and tips on how to survive. Many of you are in college or about to start, so I'm going to post more about how thrive and enjoy college! 

More posts about beauty and body image. This is one of my most passionate topics, so expect more Edition 139 posts. 

A new look! I'm learning how to code websites, and I've already started on creating a face lift for Grace In Everything! 

Comment below if you remember anything from this rediculously long post! (Since it's my blogiversary, I'll allow myself a bit of grace here.) What's one of your favorite posts from Grace In Everything? Are you as excited for these next two years? 

AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! GRACE IN EVERYTHING WOULDN'T BE HERE WITHOUT ALL OF Y'ALL!!!! So much love to each and every one of you <3 div="">

Princess Hannah


Is Your Instagram Too Aesthetic?

Do you take hundreds of photos of random objects against a white background? Are your friends tired of you forcing them to take 25 carefully posed candid pictures? Do you spend more than 15 minutes editing a picture before you post it? Do you regularly go back and delete Instagram posts that no longer fit your aesthetic?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you may have a condition known as Compulsion Aesthetic Disorder. It is a disorder where you feel a compulsion to made a perfect Instagram feed that may or may not represent your life.

You are not alone, though. It is a disorder that affects many people in the digital world, especially young girls, especially young bloggers.

Do not worry, though; this disorder is treatable! With diligence and confidence, you can reclaim your life from Compulsion Aesthetic Disorder.

Take Instagains today, and free yourself from Compulsion Aesthetic Disorder.

Medicine blurb silliness aside, I want to get real with y'all all about Instagram, how it affects our perception of life, and what we can do about it. Although I completely made up Compulsive Aesthetic Disorder, it is a very prominent tenancy among our generation and something that I struggle with as well.

You see, I want to have a beautiful, clean, fun Instagram profile. I want to post engaging, pretty content, and I spend a lot of time to produce that content.

But what if I, and perhaps you, have it wrong? What if the aesthetic doesn't matter as much as the authenticity? What if there is more meaning in imperfection than perfection?

So I want to give us three challenges when facing the struggles of seeking that perfect aesthetic for Instagram.

1. Examine before editing

How many times have we gone straight to the fixing-up process of posting on Instagram without examining how this photo expresses our lives and influences the lives of others? How many times did we post a pretty picture just because we needed a pretty picture to fill our feed? (I'm guilty.) This verse will bring some conviction to us!

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." -Ephesians 4:29

This counts for Instagram too, gals.

2. Share a story, not a stock photo

I look back on my Instagram account and sometimes think that it looks too messy. Each picture has a lot going on and doesn't "match" the feed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You see, every picture is rich with a story, even if it's as simple as a beautiful sunset or a a throwback to summer camp. I try not to share something because it will fit my aesthetic; I share because I want to share a story with people and Instagram helps me do that. (Not that I am perfect in doing this at all.) The world, however, tries to get us to think solely of our aesthetic. 

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." -Matthew 5:16

3. Remember before deleting

It baffles me when people delete all of their posts so that they can start a new aesthetic. There is a time and place for deleting photos, but I haven't found it for me yet. I look at old pictures and marvel at how I've grown. I see lessons that I learned. I see embarrassing things, yes, but that was me. I want people to see me, even bored me at 16.

Today, I challenge you to examine your Instagram and more importantly the heart behind why you share the way you do. I don't want us to lose the heart of our story to get hearts. I don't want our feeds to foster envy more than delight.

This is NOT to say that you shouldn't post pretty things. I am not recommending that you never post a styled post again or a posed candid picture. I also don't expect every picture to contain a blog post's worth of content. These things are good and fun, but I don't want us to get into the mindset that the aesthetic is more valuable than the authenticity or that we much appear to look like we have it all together.

This is a fine balance, and I don't pretend to have it all figured out, but will you join me on making our Instagram accounts beautiful again? Will you join me in seeking to find an aesthetic that is less aesthetic-y and more authentic?

Comment below your thoughts on Instagram. If you have a different view, then please share! I in no way impose my view upon you, and for different people, different Instagram outlooks work better than this one. I love all of your Instagrams, and if I'm not following you, drop your handles in the comments! Also, feel free to check out the profiles that inspired this post: my personal Instagram at @princesshannahp and the blog's Instagram at @graceineverythingblog.

Princess Hannah



It's the happiest place on earth, the most magical realm in the world. It's where all of our wishes will come true, and dreams aren't as impossible as they looked before. It's Disney World/my new home.

Because, guess what? I MOVE TO DISNEY WORLD IN THE FALL!


Okay, I'm done.





Around a month ago, I applied for the Disney College Program. A friend of mine (who had a LOVELY blog at Meaghan Mercy Blog) did it last year, but I didn't know if I wanted to do it. It kept coming to mind, though, so I prayed about it then went for it. I took the leap of courage and started to dream. I got through the first two stages of the application process in two days. A little over two weeks (and many prayers, tears, and late nights of researching) later, I was in the program!

Since starting my Disney Adventure, people have asked me so many questions. It's almost all people talk to me about now, but I'm totally fine with that. Talking about Disney World will never bore me. I'm sure you want to ask some of these questions too, so I present to you the most magical Q&A ever to grace Grace In Everything:

Question 1: What is the program? 

That's a good question.

The Disney College Program is an internship of sorts for college students where they spend a semester working at Disney World or Disneyland. Participants gain on-the-job experience and learn about how Disney does customer service the best. (If you've ever been to Disney, you know that this is true.) The jobs offered range from merchandise to character to attractions attendant. Participants can stay in provided housing and room with other DCP members (aka, new best friends).

Question 2: So you'll be a Disney Princess, right? 

Technically, yes, I will be a Disney Princess. After all, I am a Princess (daughter of the King) and working at Disney World. Therefore, I am a Disney Princess. I will not, however, wear a wig and sign autographs all day.

I did audition to work as a character or performer, as that was my first preference in jobs, but I didn't make the audition. I would've LOVED to work as a character, but I can't have everything, right? The experience of auditioning helped me to grow in Jesus, though, so it was not for naught.

Question 3: What will you be doing? 

I will go to the parks, duh! DCP members have free admission to the parks when they are not working (basically the biggest perk ever). Speaking of working, though, I will do a lot of that during the program. DCP members don't only go on adventures in Orlando. They also work a part to full-time job in their role.

I will work as a merchandise cast member (that's what Disney calls their employees). I won't know which park or resort I will work at until I arrive, but I hope that I get Magic Kingdom (my favorite park) or Hollywood Studios (the park with my favorite hours).

Question 4: Are you taking off of school? 

I'm hoping to take the semester off and focus on my work/adventuring, but I'm still working on that with my university. Disney also offers classes as an optional part of the program. These classes focus on things like hospitality, communications, and leadership. I haven't decided if I will take one of these.

Question 5: How long will you be at Disney? 

I will leave mid-August and get back in the beginning of January. Yes, Disney keeps me over the holidays. And yes, I will be coming back. I have heard of many people that, after completing the program, never went back home, not really. Many of them later moved to Orlando and work as full-time cast members now, so I'd better be careful or I won't come home! (Except I love my hometown and have many plans there, such as finishing college, so I think I'm safe.)

Question 6: Are you excited? 

You have no idea how excited I am for the program! My life is already consumed with Disney. It didn't help that I spent Mardi Gras break there partying it up for my sister's senior trip. Even though I'm home, Disney claims much of my thoughts and plans. I'm pretty much just singing Rapunzel's "When will my life begin" song. Except I don't wake up at 7:00 to do chores.

Question 7: How can I apply? 

This program is limited to students enrolled in college, but if you are in college and want to spend half a year in Disney, go to the Disney College Program website and click "Apply Now." From there you will fill out a resume of sorts. If you get past that, you complete a web-interview, which is like a personality/responsibility quiz. The final step is a phone interview. If you are considering applying now or in the future, I'd be happy to help in any way. They are still accepting applications for the fall, so it's not too late to join me on my Disney Adventure!

This is only the first of many posts about my Disney Adventure. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel and vlogging about DCP. Many DCP members vlog, and it might give me another chance to learn about digital sharing and producing.

Comment below what has been going on in your life! I've been on the busier side of late and need updates ASAP. Also, what do you think about more Disney Adventure posts/videos? Y'all are the best, and have a magical rest of your week.

Princess Hannah