Looking Back, Going Forward

Do me a favor and look back on your life
Remember the moments and examine the growth
For sometimes you can't see the reason for "now"
You have to step back to see what's ahead

And when you see the whole picture, then you can move
For the lessons of history still guide us today
And when you see Jesus, calling your name 
You can rest in His presence and the joys of His life

For He has pursued you from the beginnings of time
 He knows all your movements, even the dark days
He pulls you into Him, into His huge embrace
He loved you then, loves you now, will love you forever

So peer into old notebooks, with misspellings and more 
Take joy in past photos that capture moments in time
See how God worked so you can see how He works
And let Him hold you today, for He's made your way

 This post explains my week and why I haven't posted yet. Graduation approaches and a pile of preparations demanded my attention. Since I am home-schooled and decided not to graduate with the other home-schoolers (and therefore give all control to The Moms and participate in a rather typical ceremony), I planned a party of my own to take place this Sunday, a party full of pink, glitter, Polaroids, old pictures, ballet costumes, and most of all, Jesus! But putting on such a party takes a bit of work, so this week I did the following: looked through almost every picture taken of me since my mother first held me, thumbed through old notebooks to see how God worked in my life, DIYed with my sisters, tracking glitter all through the house (don't worry, a post will soon tell you of the glitter and how you too can make adorable vases and frames with it), and more! I miss you, little blog, and reading all of the posts by my favorite bloggers, but don't worry, next week holds some exciting plans and posts! 

Comment below a favorite memory from life past and what's been going on in your life lately! And have you noticed some changes around the blog? More on that later! 

Princess Hannah 

Hannah P


  1. Gosh, those pictures are adorable! Yesterday I watched Age of Ultron, and today, I have to pick up trash for school, perform in a recital and go to a friend's party, all in the same day!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Did you love the movie???? And recitals are so fun! I want to hear all about it!