The Cutest Mew in the World

Welcome to my day in Notting Hill, London.

It was absolutely brilliant.

After taking the tube for way too long, my good friend Stephanie and I ventured into the Instagram forest of Notting Hill.

First stop, coffee.

With scones, jam, and clotted cream, of course.

Next stop, the cutest mew in London.

Take that back. The cutest mew in the world.

What's a "mew," you might ask.

In Britain, "mews" were once stables that opened up into a small ally. Now, they are often residential and quite cute.

A perfect spot for a ballet photoshoot, don't you think?

And so, after some backbending labor...

...and many smiles...

...Stephanie and I mastered the fine are of Mew Photography. 

But mostly, we had fun...

...enjoyed the beautiful city of London...

...twirled around a bit...

... and kept on exploring. 

MUCH THANKS goes to Stephanie and her AMAZING photography skills! She was incredibly diligent on not only capturing the perfect moment but understanding why it was good ballet. She is so passionate for Jesus, dedicated to photography, and inspiring in her life. Please go give her Facebook page a follow to see more of her photography. 

What is something beautiful that has captured your eye lately? 

Princess Hannah


Jesus is the Grandest Adventure

Adventure is out there.

That's what we've always heard. That's what we grew up thinking and dreaming. We dream of far off places and fantastic experiences. We dream of getting away and finding something truly spectacular.

Adventure is out there. 

But where is there?

During the past year, I've spent a considerable amount of time where most people would consider there is. Five months in Disney. One month in London. Three weeks in NYC. Two weeks in Ireland, Germany, and France. I guess you could say that I've been there this past year.

The funny thing about there is that if feels an awful more like here than I expected. I'm still the same person there as I am here. My body still needs sleep and food. I still struggled with the same things.

My adventures delighted me, but they weren't in and of themselves life giving. They were actually rather draining. I came back from each one tired physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And even after traveling much this year, I'm still searching for there. 

I think that though my mind and heart had adventured away during the past year, my soul had been a little abandoned. The quest for adventure isn't just a heart and mind thing. It is most fundamentally a soul thing. I think that God created our souls to long for adventure.

Where, then, is this adventure that our souls long for?

It is in Jesus, my friends.

Jesus is the grandest adventure. God is the journey that our souls long for.

Jesus is the epic story of love and loss, battles and victory. God is the glorious beauty to behold; He is indeed the Creator and definition of true beauty. Jesus is the driving purpose and excitement of our lives. In God is a rich history, splendid present, and promising future. He is ever unfolding to us more of Himself for us to discover.

That's the truly exciting part. You see, I got to go to some pretty cool places. I saw Buckingham Palace, the Harry Potter Studios in London, the Eiffel Tower, and so much more. However, I didn't go to these places as a participant but as a spectator. I didn't visit these cities as a citizen but as a tourist.

God, though, gives us a place in the adventure. He gives us citizenship in His kingdom. Suddenly, this adventure becomes more than just a stop in our life but becomes our life itself. It is an adventure that doesn't end. It doesn't leave us dry and wanting more.

Following Jesus is the grandest adventure of our existence, not because it is filled with excitement and love and purpose (which is it) but because it is centered around God. And God is with us. Immanuel. And God is for us. Our cups overflows.

I may have come home from a year of traveling, but the real adventure, the grandest adventure, is only just beginning.

So I guess adventure isn't out there after all. Immanuel changed all of that when He brought adventure right here with us.

Jesus, thank you for taking us on this adventure. May we follow. May we worship. May You be glorified.

It's been a while! Perhaps, because this crazy year has settled down, this blog will get some more attention. Please comment below your recent adventures with Jesus and around the earth.

More posts to come about my travels!

Princess Hannah