My Rebellion Against the College Dress Code

A funny thing happened in middle school: I discovered my own style. 

I remember the early middle school days where I just wanted to wear what everyone else wore. All of the other girls wore jeans to church, and little peer-influenced me wanted to dress like that, sporting Aeropostale shirts and flare jeans instead of the dresses and skirts that Mom made me wear. Why couldn't I just blend in? What couldn't Mom let me wear jeans? 

Then things changed. My Dad started his own church where people dressed very casually and Mom finally said that I could wear jeans to church! Now I could dress like everyone else! Except now, no one my age went to this church, so I couldn't base my style off of the general crowd. But, the important thing stayed the same, I could wear jeans. 


That's when I discovered something wonderful: I can dress however I like to dress. Not how that other girls dressed. Not how Mom wanted me to dress. Not how the celebrities dressed (for this was my pre-smartphone era). I discovered how I wanted to dress. And guess what I discovered? 

I prefered wearing dresses than wearing jeans. 

And I discovered much more than that. I figured out that I love vintage-inspired clothes, peter pan collars, black lace skirts, pearls, and sparkly earrings. I continued to discover the style that I loved to wear, even when I again immersed myself in a group of peers. 

And now, I face a new challenge: college. 

I'm pretty convinced that the unwritten college dress code is Nike shorts and free t-shirts. A messy ponytail and a quick swipe of mascara completes this professional look, paired with strappy sandals or tennis shoes. No I must ask: will I go back to the middle school days and go with the flow of fast and easy dressing? Will I trade my own hard-fought style for the college dress code? 

No way!

And so I present to you a fashionista's rebellion to the college dress code. It is full of skirts and colorful jewelry and lace tops. I even brought out some wedges on a day where I only had one class! Now, please don't think that I wear these kind of outfits every day! I usually wear a pair of jean shorts or pants and a cute shirt with some earrings, but I wanted to go above and beyond this past week and wore something extra special each day of the week! 

So without further ado: my week of revolutionizing the college-girl's wardrobe! 

Day One- Rain or Shine 

It's the rainy days that need a little extra sunshine. And these polka dot rainboots can lighten any day! (Although it didn't end up raining after all.) 

Day Two- Ready for the Catwalk

I gave my second speech in Communications on this day, and the right pair of shoes can instantly boost confidence! The effortless half-tuck and rolled jeans made me feel very on top of things! 

Day Three- India Inspired

I really loved this outfit! The necklace made it extra special, because rescued women in India made it! We receive beautiful jewelry and accessories from similar groups of women every month from Fair Trade Friday

Day Four- Lace and Pearls

I told you that I love peter pan collars, lace, and pearls! 

Day Five- Don't Forget to Smile

This outfit doubled as a concert outfit for that night, and I felt super excited to sport the music-festival/fall chic! This sweater is sooo comfy and versatile! 

And on Saturday I didn't get out of my pjs and work-out clothes. Let's keep it real.

I hope that this post inspired you to discover your style even if it requires a bit of rebellion against the norm. It takes time to figure it all out, and I don't pretend to have it all together, but I had so much fun making these outfits! An extra special thanks to my amazing Mom, sister Abigail, and sister Elisabeth who took pictures every afternoon for a week! I couldn't have done this post without you guys!

Comment below your favorite outfit that I wore! And also, I want to know your style! Where are you on the journey of discovering your fashion sense?

Princess Hannah
Hannah P


  1. What an awesome post! I absolutely love your style. My favorite is the third one but I love the first one as well! Are you wearing Amazima beads in the first one by any chance? I have some a lot like that from Amazima. :) I'd have to say my style is really casual. I love sweaters, jeans, and comfy t-shirts.

    1. I am wearing Amazima beads! I love the jewelry that I get from these amazing women! And I envy the casual people just a bit and their comfy, cool vibe. But that's just not quite me!

  2. YES I love this post! You have impeccable style. I am also pro-revolution of the college dress code :)

    1. Why thank-you Meaghan! You have super cute style as well! And yes, we should start an anti-college dress code revolution! Bring out those dresses! Wear those hats! Color coordinate those earrings!

  3. I absolutely love how lovely these outfits are :) I especially love the second one...those boots are SO cute!

    1. I am partial to those boots... I bought them in New York! And thank you for the comment!

  4. this outfit is so cute! I love it, and the background is perfect :)

    XOXO Johanna from Germany


    1. Why thank you! You have impeccable style as well! Thank you for the comment from far away!

  5. Oh my goodness these are so cute!!!!!!!!!!! My favorites are probably the middle three (sorry I couldn't narrow it down to one;) I don't know how I just now discovered your blog after you've been commenting on mine for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY. So glad I found it though- just followed. I love the design and can't wait to read more<3
    ps oh and I finally responded to the comments on my latest post- you're the sweetest!!!

    1. No biggie on not looking sooner, I've done that more times that I care to admit. We are all so busy nowadays. Which is what made wearing these uplifting outfits even better! Thank you for the comment, and I will go check out your response now!

  6. Your outfits are super cute, Hannah! My favorite is the first because I LOVE color! And hello?!?! Beads For Life!!

    I like the challenge that defining your personal style presents! I love experimenting with color and sometimes having a day of beige or wearing all black (not in a goth sort of way! classy all the way!) It's always fun to experiment with new clothing combos!

    1. Thank you for the comment! And color rocks, although I want to branch out and try some of the all beige or black, as you said, in a chic way.

      Expressive modest creativity in clothing choices is super fun, you're right about that!

  7. I can't believe I missed this post!! So love how you choose not to wear the regular college dress code like everyone else:) don't you love being different!!!

    1. Me too! I need to pluck up the energy to wear some more skirt this end of the semester!