Cats GIFs Galore

Let me tell you a story about how cat gifs saved my life.

Okay, I exaggerate a bit. But cat gifs did save one of the longest, hardest days of my life.

It was the fifth week of my ballet intensive with AAB. Rehearsals piled up around me, and sleep was a thing of the past. Emotions decided to go haywire, and determination thinned. I just wanted to nap, but instead I drank watered-down, black coffee from the morning and lay on a hard couch for ten minutes to regroup before another rehearsal.

What did I do during those ten minutes? Well, I say without shame that I cried. And then I prayed. And then I looked at cat gifs.

And that, my friends, saved the day. Crying. Praying. Cat gifs.

I believe that a good cat gif can lighten any day. What's not to love about prideful and sophisticated creatures making fools of themselves? How can you resist a kitten falling asleep in three seconds? If cat gifs don't make you smile, then... well, I'm not sure if you should read the rest of this post. Because I'm about to lighten up your day.

Today, let's smile in the simple grace of silliness and cats. Let's giggle a bit at how God created humor in the shape of little balls of furr. Let's look at cat gifs!

1. Can't Touch This do-do-do-do do-do do-do

Scatter! | 27 Cats That Just Can’t Handle It

2. Furry-Go-Round

The Catmobile!

3. Taking Off in Three, Two...

Cat / gif

4. *Insert Sigh of Happiness*

I can't handle the cuteness!!!

5. If You Can't Get In, Lick the Door, Duh 

Why does he lick the door?

6. When Life Takes an Unexpected Direction

cute funny cats gif. more here http://artonsun.blogspot.com/2015/04/cute-funny-cats-gif-more-here.html

7. If It Fits, It Ships

“I may have overestimated how large this box was.” | 22 Cats Who Went Too Far With Their "If I Fits, I Sits" Motto

8. Got Those Ninja Moves

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

9. When You Accidently Drink Sprite Instead of Water

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

10. My Precious

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

11. The New Meaning of Hit-and-Run

12. The Introverted Cat

19 Cats Who Are Seriously Lacking Social Skills

13. The Royal Parade Just smile and wave, smile and wave

19 Cats Who Are Seriously Lacking Social Skills

14. I Drive a Ram

funny cat gif. more here http://artonsun.blogspot.com/2015/04/funny-cat-gif-more-here_93.html

15. What Are Friends For? 

31 Marvelous Cats Who Truly Define Sophistication. My check hurt from laughing!

If you die with laughter, please say so in the comments. I want to know these sort of things. Which one made you laugh the most? Have cat gifs ever saved your life? Do you have a cat?

Y'all, this post was super duper fun to create, and I hope that you enjoyed it!

Princess Hannah


  1. I had a bad day last week and cheered myself up by watching cat GIF's! A lot like you did. ;)I don't have a cat but I still think the GIF's are great.
    I liked the last one best! Did that cat really mean to push it's buddy down the stairs/ladder?! It looked so pleased with itself at the end!

    1. WHEN I FIRST SAW THAT ONE I CRIED WITH LAUGHTER!!!!!!! Cats are mean sometimes, but we still love them. And they still cheer us up on hard days!

  2. I laughed through over half this post!!! These were SUPER cute and hilarious! (especially the last one & the one where the cat kisses the kitten...AWWW!)

    1. I LOVE THOSE AS WELL!!!! And really, you can't go wrong with cat gifs!

  3. Oh my goshhhh this is the funniest thing ever!!

  4. These are absolutely hilarious!

  5. AAHFNDSKLCNLSDN THESE GIFS. I'm usually not one to actively seek out cat GIFs, but when they pop up in my Tumblr feed, I'm completely under their influence. XD THESE MADE ME LAUGH, GIRL. THANK YOU. And yes! I know exactly what you mean by lightening the mood of the day with funny GIFs. Whenever I'm feeling down, I can cheer myself up like that. I also love your protocol: cry, pray, cat GIFs.

    You're fabulous. ♥

    1. THEY ARE SOOOO FUNNNNNNY!!! Sometimes, I just sit and watch one for like five minutes straight and laugh tears of happiness! And yes, a little laughter helps many things. Crying too. And for sure praying!

  6. Hahaaaahaaha, thank you so much for sharing Hannah!
    These completely brightened my evening. <3

    Ava \\ http://landofquiet.blogspot.com

    1. I'm super glad that you enjoied them!!!! You can't go wrong with cat gifs!! <3 <3 <3

  7. The cat GIF with the title, "When life takes an unexpected direction," has got me cracking up so much! Literally that GIF sums up my life XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. I LAUGHED FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT ON THAT ONE!!!! It will never cease to amuse me.