21 Favorite Things

There's a lull in the conversation, when someone decides to ask: "So, what's your favorite..."

Uh oh, favorites.

Some may view favorites as trivial questions. Others approach them as stressful troubles that they feel obliged to figure out. I think of them as little window into my personality. Not everything in life deserves or needs a favorite, but sometimes figuring out favorites forces me to chose what I like and helps me discover who I am.

I don't know why I value favorites so highly. Maybe it's because my mind is composed of lists, and there can't very well be five items in the first bullet point. There's a No. 1 and a No. 2, etc. Maybe I like to determine my favorite because it allows me to think of all of the good things in life. Rather than discredit the items that don't make top choice, choosing a favorite helps me to enjoy them all even more because I am thinking critically about them and appreciating the joys that all things bring to my life.

So I think about my favorites. And I ask people about their favorites. And right now, I'm going to tell you way more favorites than you want to know.


Fiction Book: Anne of Green Gables. This timeless tale of whimsy and tragic mistakes holds a dear place in my heart. I got a collectors edition recently and I must go back and read it yet again this summer!

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Non-Fiction Book (aside from the Bible): Simply Tuesday. A review is coming soon, I promise!

Book of the Bible: Romans. (With Colossians as a cloooose second.)

Chapter of the Bible: Ephesians 2

Verse of the Bible: Okay, this one I can't answer. There are wayyyy too many verses that I love.

Movie: Tangled. This is the easiest favorite I've decided so far.

TV Show: Daredevil. (I even wrote five reasons why I love Daredevil for my most recent Odyssey article!)

Musician: Ben Rector. His songs are so realistically adorable and fun! He even has a song dedicated to his taxi drivers and one for the man he sat next to on the plane.

Song: "Here Now" by Hillsong United. This song stills my heart to see God more clearly. It's even more powerful in person!

Article of Clothing: Dresses! (And my favorite dress that I own is my senior prom dress)

See the full post here
Dinner: Thanksgiving dinner. Or breakfast food. I mean, there's ham+dressing or waffles+pancakes. The struggle!

Dessert: Warm brownies and ice cream. Add some peanut butter, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and Reese's and it's kinda like heaven on earth.

Day of the Week: Sunday. A day of rest, family, and most of all, prolonged time with Jesus!

Number: Seven. I really liked being seven.

Color: Did I even ask myself that question??? *looks around blog* *looks around bedroom*

Actress: Audrey Hepburn. The class, beauty, and skills she possesses make me so happy!

Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch. HE IS SO STINKING TALENTED!!!

Avenger: My future husband, Captain America. (See his presidential campaign written by yours truly.)

Social Media: Instagram. I love the pictures, the meaningful posts, and the artistic liberty that Instagram provides! Follow me at @princesshannah_p

Animal: CATS!!!! Especially my furry babies.

Candy: Chocolate. Dark chocolate.

Now it's your turn! Choose one (or more) of these categories and comment below your favorite! Do you value favorites or do they stress you out? Feel free to even do a blog post about your favorite things. I can't wait to see if we have any similar favorites!

Princess Hannah


  1. Ooh, I love this post idea!! It was so fun to read about all of your favorites! I may have to do a post like it one day. Let's see. My favorite fiction book is probably Jane Eyre. My favorite movie is The Princess Diaries. My favorite song is Lego House by Ed Sheeran. And my favorite form of social media is Instagram as well!!

    On an unrelated note, would you mind if I shot you an email sometime? I want to ask you some ballet-related questions:)

    1. Okay, so I may have found a difference between you and me. I. did. not. like. Jane. Eyre.

      There, I said it.

      But I quote Princess Diaries almost every day and love me some Ed Sheeran.

      I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO EMAIL ME!!!! I've been actually meaning to email YOU lately, because we need to be best friends like right now. Hit me up with the ballet questions and life updates!

  2. This was a really fun post to read :) I really don't think I can narrow many things for me to favorites, because I always like two things SO SO much. And then I can't choose. Basically in everything I can't decide a favorite, which is sort of annoying if I'm asked a question and I have to answer. I feel like I'm betraying the other thing?? I don't know...it's probably just me :)
    DARK CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST CANDY EVER THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. I feel like all the people I'm around every day hate dark chocolate with a passion it's crazy.

    1. Some people are totally like that, and that is OKAY! I enjoy it, but it's just the way God's wired me.

      DARK CHOCOLATE SCARES THE DEMENTORS AWAY FROM MY SOUL!!!! Like, we have a jar of dark chocolate chips in the kitchen, and my whole family randomly eats them throughout the day. I had to buy two more giant bags today (what a chore). :)

  3. This makes me really happy. :)
    (Also: cats, Audrey, chocolate, & Cumberbatch are all my faves so I think we're on the same page here. Whoop whoop!)

    1. I spent several days apart from my kitties, and can I tell you that it feels NICE to read for an hour with two kitties curled up on my bed??? And eating chocolate rocks too.

      I can tell that you love Audrey, because your style is so classy, just like hers!

  4. This was a super fun post, Hannah! We share A LOT of favorites. Tangled, dresses, Sunday, 7, Hepburn and Cumberbatch, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and chocolate are all somewhere on my favorites list :)

    Fiction book: I usually say The Scarlet Pimpernel. I've read it like 4 times! But Anne of Green Gables is SO good and someday I will read the entire series.

    Color: It's a tie between a neutral purple and a dark green :P]

    Social Media: I guess Twitter right now, but I'm only on Pinterest and Google + besides ;)

    Again, great post and such a great get to know you!

    1. TANGLED!!!! I get over excited when someone loves Tangled as much as me. And we have SOOO many things in common!

      I've never read The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I need to put it on my to-read shelf, because we obviously have similar likes.

      Those are great colors too. Really, I love so many colors!

      Twitter is slowly capturing my attention. I love bloggers on Twitter especially, so I can't wait to check out your profile.

      I'M SO HAPPY TO MEET YOU!!! Meeting bloggers is my favorite thing about blogging (speaking of favorites), and I'm pumped to read your blog and get to know each other!

  5. This is FUN! And yay for Anne of Green Gables! The movies are sooo great too, aren't they???

    I love all the Life of Faith books which are just incredibly amazing! You should read them if you haven't. =)

    Pink is such an awesome color too! <3 <3

    Beautiful post!

    1. The Anne movies are GREAT! (Except for the last one which I carefully ignore because it didn't follow the books at all.) I will have to add those books to the long TBR shelf. And PINK!!!! Thanks for the comment girl!


  6. Social Media: totally instagram. looooovvvee this social media

    Color: turquoise

    Book of the Bible: I realllly love Romans too, but I think I would have to say 1st John. I have that whole book highlighted lol!

    I love this post BTW

    1. Isn't instagram super fun! Yours is BEAUTIFUL!!! Like, serious goals beaming from your page.

      1 John rocks!!! It really simplifies the gospel-oriented life to not a life about rules but a life driven by love!

      Thanks, girl!

  7. I love all of these so much oh my word. YOUR DRESS IS GORGEOUS. and instagram is definitely my favorite social media ;) AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. obviously, captain america is life too. this made me happy ^-^

    1. YOUR INSTAGRAM IS SO PRETTY AND COOL THAT I KINDA WANT TO COPY YOU!!!! But really, I do. But I prefer being me, no offence.

      Benedict! Cap!! And thanks about the dress, I really like it (obs).

  8. Aaagggh I love this post because I can relate to it so much, I am really bad at choosing favorites for the same reason...

    Article of clothing: Definitely a t-shirt.

    Color: Bllluuueeee

    Social media: Does Pinterest count?

    Such an awesome post.

    1. T-shirts slowly take over my closet more than I thought that they would, not going to lie. And blue is actually my favorite color to wear. It matches my eyes.

      Pinterest totally counts as a social media! (See my previous post).

  9. Replies
    1. ROMANS!!! I've been reading and studying Romans for around 5 months now and I've only gotten through the first half. There's just so much to understand and be blown away by!

  10. That copy of Anne of Green Gables is so beautiful! It makes me want to it all over again. :) I love Daredevil too. Marvel is wonderful.
    Lovely blog ♥


    1. I can't wait to read it all over again! And DAREDEVIL!!!

      Super excited to meet you , by the way! Can't wait to dive into your lovely blog!

  11. Hey Hannah! I nominated you for the Infinity Dream Award on my personal blog Sincerely, Allie. (www.sincerelyallied.blogspot.com)

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to go and read it. I probably won't do another tag for a while, but I will post a lengthy comment!

  12. Ah. I love this. This was good cause it's more info than a about page but not an overload. And BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. How could anyone not agree with the fact that he is the best actor? And your prom dress is SO pretty O.O it reminded me of sleeping beauty and whatnot.