Measuring Time

Time flies. Crawls. Dances. Stands still. We measure it in days, weeks, years, decades. We delve it out like money and hoard it like gold. We claim it like a right and use it like chauffeur.

Oh, we have this love-hate relationship with time. 

This summer, I'm getting to know time. I planned out my summer and all of the things that I wanted to accomplish during the weeks of summer, but time stole that list. And I let go of that dream. I look back and see the weeks gone by and wonder what happened to the time. I look ahead to the remnant of summer and fear that time will run too fast for me to catch up. 

Maybe, though, I measure time incorrectly. Maybe time can't be measured in days and weeks. Maybe it is measured in laughter and lessons and prayers and words. Maybe it is less of a measuring tool for life. Maybe life rather measures time. 

I've been busy. So busy that I didn't sit and read blogs for around three weeks, and I miss it deeply. I miss you guys deeply. I miss writing and thinking and watching and creating. I feel that time cheated me of my rights to these things. 

But maybe, just maybe, time gave me something better. Maybe I should stop complaining about how I don't have enough time and start looking for the moments that measure my time. Maybe I should cease to count the days and instead count the lessons. 

Lesson One: I don't have to look like a cross between Taylor Swift and a Russian ballerina. God made me beautiful that way He made me. I must chose again and again not to compare myself and revert to my tendency to feel prideful/insecure about my appearance. Time teaches me this lesson this summer. 

I really loved this foundation that I tried on! (Except it's $60!) 

Lesson Two: Life isn't about me. When I serve others, I find a truer joy then when I do what I want. This summer, I have so many chances to serve others through the internship with the youth at my church. I teach at camps, pray with students, and do the mundane tasks that need to happen. Sometimes, this isn't fun. I'd prefer to hang out with my friends, write stories, and watch movies. Investing into the kingdom of God costs time, but it gives so much more. Time teaches me this lesson this summer. 

Middle School Camp was so great! 

Lesson Three: Planning isn't a bad thing. I fear time because it can't be controlled, but this leads to me abandoning my urge to plan and purpose my time. If I didn't plan it, I can't disappoint myself if I fail. But I'm learning that making goals and plans helps make more of our time. It gives more meaning to the same amount of time. For like it or not, we all have 24 hours in our day. How are we going to use those hours? How are we going to measure them? Times teaches me this lesson this summer. 

I can plan some relaxation too! 

Those three lessons took a lot of time for me to learn, and I still learn them each, crazy day. And the days won't stop being crazy for a little bit. I prepare right now to leave on a mission trip this evening, and therefore that will make over four weeks of little to no blogging. I just wanted to let y'all know that although it looks like I've dropped off of the face of the earth, I'm really discovering a new way to measure time.

Will you join me in measuring time not in weeks and hours but in lessons and laughter? 


Comment below an update on your life. Also, how do you measure time? 

Princess Hannah


  1. What a good post, Hannah! Your posts are always so inspiring. ;)
    I've felt like this summer has sped by so far, and it felt like I hadn't gotten done what I had wanted to. Then I looked back at what I HAD done, and I basically learned those 3 lessons myself! Especially learning to plan and serve other more.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and I hope you have a good trip! <3

  2. (TBH the entire time I was reading this post, Seasons of Love from Rent wouldn't stop running through my head because it talks about measuring time. So now that song is officially stuck with me for the rest of the day XD)

    I love this post SO much. Ah, time. It's a funny thing. It seems to be constantly running away! But I just adore how you're talking about measuring time differently. I'm sick of measuring it in days- how many days am I doing ____, how many days are left until school, etc. It's exhausting. I'd much rather measure time in lessons and laughter. :)

    I hope that your mission trip goes well!!! Praying for you!

    My summer has been full of adventures, from Finding Dory to bagel dates with friends to bedroom renovations. Lots of fun:)

    I hope that the rest of your summer is wonderful!

    p.s. you're gorgeous <3