Chasing Summer

Every summer I make so many plans. I want to hang out with friends and make ice cream and watch movies and write books and read books and go on adventures and learn things and sleep and laugh and the list goes on and on. (There are a lot of "ands" in that sentence!)

In the beginning of the summer, I feel so sure that I can do all of these things. After all, summer is a wide open field for me to run around dancing in like Troy Bolton. 

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The truth is, life isn't a dance number in a Disney Channel movie. It doesn't always turn out sunny and organized. Even summer gets chaotic and crazy. We can forget the steps or trip over our own feet. 

It's time that we let go of our expectation of a perfect summer and started to enjoy it for the normal, messy, wonderful opportunity that it is. 

It's time that we stopped chasing a perfect summer and started living in the time given to us. 

So, instead of chasing a perfectly Instagram-worthy summer, how about we... 

1. Celebrate the small steps

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I cleaned out my closet today. Sure, that's boring and not particularly noteworthy, but I'm celebrating that accomplishment. I've needed to clean out my closet for a while, and it feels good to complete that chore. Thank you, summer, for giving me time to clean my closet. 

2. Do normal things with summer flair

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While you're driving to the grocery store, blast your favorite summer tunes (preferably Ben Rector). Wear a sundress while shopping. Watch your favorite shows while cleaning. (I may or may not have gone through a dozen episodes of Parks and Rec while organizing my closet...) 

3. Prioritize your days

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Let's face it, there are a lot of normal things that can eat away our days. This isn't bad, but it does mean that we have to be intentional on how we want to spend our time, because if not, our time will spend itself. Do you want to throw a summer bash? Make sure that you set aside the time to do that. Want to make a scrapbook? Do it, even if that means you can't do something else. Without placing value on the things that you want to accomplish, they won't get done. 

4. Remember what it's all about

Summer is great, but it only lasts a couple of months. Let's not live our summers in light of our momentary happiness but in light of the eternal joy of God. He has given us this summer to enjoy and use for His kingdom. 

"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all of these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33)

5. Compare less

Your summer will not look like my summer. It won't look like your favorite Instagramer's summer. It will be unique and wonderful, but if you're caught up in the comparison game, you may miss the beauty of your own summer. Look up. See the great gift before you and don't undervalue it because it looks different from someone else's gift.

May this not be a summer of high expectations or busy nothings. May this summer be a summer of joy, productivity, memories, and grace. It's about time that we stopped letting our expectation about summer steal our summer joy. It's time to reclaim the moments that this summer offers to us and enjoy them as what they are, moments.

How are you enjoying your summer so far? What are your summer plans? Do you love HSM 2 as much as I do? Answer in the comments!

Princess Hannah

Hannah P


  1. Honestly, cleaning out my closet sounds like a really fun thing to do, haha. I really want to declutter and clean my room (somewhat) this summer. :D

  2. Goodness these are all so true. Today I am celebrating straightening my room and going to ballet class later. :)

    Summer has been quite busy but quite lovely so far. I don't have many plans per se, just lots of goals. We'll see how many get accomplished! And yes, I love HSM2- is that even a question?? ;)

    As always, such a wonderful post, Hannah. <3

  3. Oh my gosh all those HSM2 gifs, hahahaa what a throwback! :D
    This was a great post!!