Photoshoots And Cinnamon Rolls- My Bakery Style

There's this place called The Bekery right around the corner from my ballet studio. It might be my favorite place in my city, second only to my ballet studio. 

It not only looks adorable, tucked away in a cute little corner where the real world doesn't interfere, but it serves me baked goods. 

That is the way to my heart: baked goods. 

For real, their cinnamon rolls are the bomb. And that's coming from a cinnamon roll snob. 

Naturally, I did a photoshoot there. I was the photographer this time, capturing my sweet sisters and their friend/my fourth sister during the summers. It was a joy to serve them, but I also convinced one of my sisters to snag a few pics of me. Enjoy!

For my outfit, I chose to don something simple and fun. A midi lace shirt paired with a simple, bright v-neck t-shirt looks effortless. I added a bit of flair with an ear jacket and Kendra Scot necklace. 

Find similar items: 

Skirt: Forever 21

Shirt: Kohls

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Ear Jacket: Target

The real stars of the photoshoot (not included, the many, many other candid shots as they laughed over Broadway jokes and fandom references):

Last but not least, here I am laughing as I realized one of my sister's had photobombed several shots by pretending to be Gollum behind the bush. 

How are you enjoying the rest of summer? Do you have a favorite spot in your hometown? Have your captured a smile lately? Have you eaten a cinnamon roll recently?

Princess Hannah
Hannah P


  1. I love this! Your outfit is so cute. <3 I like how even in your casual poses, you can tell you're a dancer!! Also, this looks like the best place. There are so many little bakeries and cupcake shops and cafes I still have yet to explore in my hometown. This is inspiring me to go try them out! :-)


      Don't you love discovering new things about a seemingly old place in life? Let's go find some small adventures!

  2. These pictures of you are darling. You look adorable! Glad to see youre smiling and enjoying those yummy looking treats!

    1. You should see all of the other ones of my sisters! And thank you! I definitely enjoyed taking them!

  3. That small café is probably the cutest thing ever! I'd get along with your sisters very well-- I really enjoy musical theatre references.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. I have been cinnamon roll deprived for more than six months send help. :P

    1. ISN'T IT???

      And my sisters are the BEST. So fun!

      You must remedy that situation as soon as possible. Might I recommend bread machine cinnamon rolls if you have a bread machine?

  4. *realizes I haven't had cinnamon rolls in like forever*

    You're so pretty! And that cafe looks adorable.

    1. You simply must fix that situation! Cinnamon rolls are one of the ultimate tests I give bakeries.

      Thank you, dear!

  5. These are such lovely photos!! And this shop looks adorable. I love it! <3

    Also, I really want a cinnamon roll now. xD So glad I'm not the only cinnamon roll snob out there!

    1. Thank you bunches! And it is sooo cute. I didn't even get to take very many inside because some people came in.

      Cinnamon rolls are so good. Or, at least the good ones are. I'm not too keen on Cinnabon or the canned ones, although the Sister Sherbert frozen pan cinnamon rolls are pretty good. I like mine rich and not suuupppeeer sugary.

  6. You. Are. So. Adorable. (and so are your sisters and the coffee shop. and the picture. heck, everything in this post is adorable)

    *makes mental note to put cinnamon rolls on the baking list sometime soon*

    1. Why thank you! :)

      Yes, and when you do make cinnamon rolls, LET ME KNOW!!!

  7. Aww I love these pictures! They're so happy and bakeries ARE AMAZING. gah I love baking, so naturally, bakeries are amazing xD


  8. LOVE THESE PICTURES. you're adorable! And what is better than cinnamon rolls? You rock the color pink, girl!
    I created a new blog that I would love if you would check out...I used to blog over at Victory but I decided it was time for a change.

  9. I love these pictures, all the bakery style, hehe.