10 Ways to Feel Beautiful (Even When You Don't)

Some days, you feel like a movie star. Your hair is put together, someone complimented your outfit, and you seem to radiate confidence and beauty. 

Most of the time, however, you don't feel that way. You feel gross. Unattractive. Messy. Most definitely not beautiful. 

The key word here is feel.

The truth is, we are beautiful whether we feel it or not, but we often don't believe that we are beautiful because we don't feel beautiful.

Stop right now and remind yourself that feelings aren't truth.  They are wonderful and helpful, but they are not to rule over us. God is to rule over our feelings.

Here are 10 ways to embrace your beauty even when you don't feel it:

1. Pray

Talk to God about your feelings of inadequacy. He cares for you. More than that, His Spirit will guide you to live in His way of love. Give Him thanks instead of comparing yourself to others. Praise His name instead of wallowing in a pity party. 

2. Smile

I know this sounds cheesy, but a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear and is even scientifically proven to lighten up moods. Enjoy life, and you will find beauty everywhere. 

3. Stand Up Straight

Don’t shrink back from life because you don’t feel beautiful. Stand up straight and start doing the beautiful work of God! Be confident in the grace of God and the beauty He gives you.

4. Remember God's Word

The best methods I’ve discovered to stop body image insecurity is to replace it with the truth. 1 Samuel 16:7 is my favorite verse for this because it reminds me how to see things as God sees them: 

5. Give Someone a Compliment

You are not the only one who feels un-beautiful sometimes. By helping someone else remember that they are beautiful, you remind yourself what truly is beautiful- love. Nothing is more encouraging than giving encouragement. 

5. Eat Something Healthy

Sometimes you need to put something beautiful in to feel beautiful out. Eating fruit always lifts my spirits and has me feeling ready to take on the day beautifully. Here are five other healthy snack foods!

6. Wear Something Special

This doesn’t mean that you should only feel beautiful in beautiful clothes, but sometimes a new dress or nice necklace helps! Know which clothes fit you best and complement your beauty.

7. Do Something Beautiful

Beauty is, as we all know, found on the inside more than on the outside. Don’t let outward beauty steal our inward beauty!

Instead, focus on doing beautiful things. Give someone a ride and encourage them. Bake cookies for your neighbor for no reason. Make a note for your pastor. Do the dishes for your sister. There are so many beautiful things in the world, most of them in disguise.

8. Give Media a Break

Media fills you with lies. “You should look like her.” “You should own these things.” “Your life should look like this.” I’m not saying that we should avoid media. However, you should know when you are susceptible to believe the lies and not the truth.

9. Don't Give the Lies Thought

Sometimes you get so focused on trying to fix your thoughts about beauty that you get stuck in a thought-loop where you don’t stop thinking about your failures and problems. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply think about something else and not give those lies another thought.

10. Use Your Gifts

Beauty is more than skin deep. It is also more your abilities to do everything. You are given specific gifts and talents from God. You are meant to use those gifts and talents and should never let insecurity stop you from giving glory to God through the gifts He has given you.

You might not feel beautiful right now, but dear sister, you are beautiful. Isn’t time that you started living beautifully? Isn’t it time that you started believing the truth that you are beautiful no matter what, not because of who you are but because of who God is?

Let us not forget.

Comment your ways to feel beautiful!

Princess Hannah


  1. Definitely needed a reminder about this!

    1. I need reminders about this as well! Glad to help!

  2. These are great tips. I love 1st Samuel 16:7 too. It's such a good reminder. Thanks for sharing :D

    1. I've treasured that verse for years. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Something about your posts always resonates with me, Hannah. I haven't been feeling that beautiful lately, but I need to remember that it's my heart that counts 😊

    1. Aw, this comment is sunshine!

      You ARE beautiful, outside AND in, even if you don't feel that way.

  4. This is a lovely post, very wonderful and lots of good points! Thank you!

  5. "Feelings aren't truth." Aaaaamenn. This is the key to so many things. Often the key to not feeling beautiful is doing things outside yourself, I've found personally. Something that helps me a lot is doing things for other people, whether that's complimenting them, helping them out with something, hanging out with a friend who's having a bad day, etc. It keeps me from thinking about myself quite so much, and I'm always surprised by how much better I feel about myself afterward.

    1. YESYESYES!!! That is such a great point, Aimee!

      Ego is the best way to feel bad about ourselves. A bloated ego is a blemish to our own beauty.

  6. So much truth in this post, oh my goodness. I love it. <3 And I agree entirely with Aimee's comment- Getting outside of yourself helps immensely.

    1. Thank you :)

      We are meant to live for more than just ourselves. That is how God defines beauty.

  7. This really encouraged me today (=

  8. Thanks for this so much oh my gosh :')

    1. Aw, thank YOU for being beautiful!

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