Fair Trade Friday

27 million.

The last time I wrote about this number, I explained how 27 million people live in slavery today, if you can call that living. Enough people to hold hands then encircle the globe are chained to a system with no hope or light. If you didn't read my first Freedom Friday post, I urge you to read it and watch the video that accompanies it here.

Slavery holds a darkness that I fear and do not like to think about, but to not think about the problem only allows it to grow, and I cannot stand that! So, in order to restore beauty to this ugly situation, I present to you a way to get involved in the freedom story, and trust me, you will like this way.

Mercy Shop:               A Global Marketplace

Mercy Shop and Fair Trade Friday.

Instead of me trying to explain Mercy House and the Shop and monthly Fair Trade options, let's watch this short video found on the homepage of their website:

Mercy House

Okay, I'll admit it; I cried during this video. This organization does so much to empower and uplift women who are endangered to slavery and a life of lowly manners. And not only do they help these women, but these women help us! The shop is full of beautiful pieces of jewelry and home decor that I love! My family receives the Earrings of the Month, which I very much enjoy because all of the earrings are unique and special! This pattern of upliftment bring joy to my heart, and I pray that it does to your heart as well!

So, I invite you to become a freedom fighter! I invite you to join the story of hope and restored beauty all around the world! And it's not hard! The featured Mercy House gives you so many options!

~You can buy one of the lovely items in their shop.

~You can subscribe to their Earrings of the Month Club.

~You can also subscribe to their Fair Trade Friday Club.

~But there's more! You can donate to their movement here.

~Do you think I've finished? Nope. You can also meet a specific need by giving through their gift catalog.

And, as always, spread the word! Many people do not know about the global horror of modern-day slavery, and it is up to us, fellow freedom fighters, to educate those around us to stand up to this darkness. God has given us so much freedom, and that includes the freedom to fight for others' freedom. It starts with one, and that one turns into seven, and that seven turns into seventy-seven, but more on that next Freedom Friday!

Princess Hannah

(p.s. This Saturday I perform one final time at American Academy of Ballet! I can't believe that it's over already!)

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