Yesterday- A Poem

Wake up. 
It's a new day, but it feels like yesterday. 
Sit up. 
It's a long day, just like yesterday. 
I need Him, like I did yesterday. 
Step out. 
Time to start, the same as yesterday. 

For each day here feels like the one before,
Empty yet also full.
The moments take so much time, but the days zip by like flies.
Wake up, sit up, Jesus, step out. 

Go through rhythms, similar to yesterday. 
Warm up. 
Stretching out, more sore than yesterday. 
All day long, piled on from yesterday. 
Crash down. 
Process things, like the time since yesterday. 

The days blend by and pile on, 
My body needs to rest. 
But every day I do the things that I still prefer the best. 
Prepare, warm up, ballet, crash down. 

He's the same, the same as yesterday. 
He controls, both now and yesterday. 
He's enough, no matter what was yesterday. 
He's with me, just like he was yesterday. 

For though these days are long and hard,
Jesus is always with me. 
He guided me through yesterday and He will help me today. 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. 

Hello guys! As many of you know, I'm in New York right now training for ballet! I survived my first flight with flying colors and actually enjoyed it! (And I didn't die, which also counts for something.) My first week here at American Academy of Ballet gave me so much instruction and guidance for this art of ballet, and I love it! The people here are wonderful, and I have more time that I thought to spend time with Jesus (they have a daily siesta, whattt???). I performed my first set of shows with AAB as a swan from Swan Lake, my favorite ballet. That made my week!

I know that I don't have much time to interact here or on anyone else's blog, but I miss you guys and will keep you posted on the happenings! (Also, I thank again everyone who gave advice and encouragement on my previous post on preparing for the trip!) Keep trusting Jesus!

Princess Hannah