NYC- Summer Tales Part Two

New York. 
What will it bring? 
New York. 
What will it be? 

Will it be like the movies, flashing with lights? 
Will it bring giddy moments that last through the nights? 
Can it really be all that I want it to be? 
New York. 
New York. 

New York. 
Here it is now!
New York. 
Can I say, WOW?

For the buildings stand taller than I thought yesterday
And adventure awaits me at the start of each day. 
It really is all that I dreamed it would be. 
New York. 
New York. 

I talked about the challenges and rewards of my summer of ballet training in New York in my previous post, but I didn't share with you the super fun part- New York City! Yes, my dream senior trip came true, and Mom and I walked around the city that never sleeps for five days! I will never forget the fast-paced, historical, neon colored city that mixes old and new in a way no other city can. 


I had a blast. 

Day One- To See the Sights!
We didn't arrive to the city until around lunch time when we arrived at our classy hotel, but we did get to see Times Square and Central Park before heading off to tour the skyline at sunset on a tour boat. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge, the different neighborhoods of NYC, and, of course, the Statue of Liberty! And we didn't have to even stand up. Wonderful.

Day Two- Fancy Day

Mom and I went ahead and named several of the days in the city, and we deemed the first day "Fancy Day." And what did we do for Fancy Day? 

We shopped down 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. 

I ate one of the most wonderful bites of the trip, a macaroon from Laduree. (I want need to learn how to make these!)

We (of course) stopped by Tiffany's. I didn't go into the store expecting to buy anything because everything there costs so much (although I'm of the mind that people pay more for the blue box than they do for the ring), but we found this adorable coffee cup that looks like the Tiffany's box for "only" $40. And so we had to get it, right?

We may or may not have purchased a few other things... The most exciting thing that I bought I found at my new home the Kate Spade store. I found a watch that I really like and that doesn't overwhelm my tiny wrists! Check it out here!

I felt so glamorous carrying those bag around. Finally I didn't feel so intrusive when we walked into the stores so fancy that they didn't put price tags on the merchandise. (Cough, cough, Dolce and Gabbana. I actually felt a little bit of pain looking at those stunning dresses which were so close and yet so far.)

Our purchase from Saks Fifth Avenue (the one located on 5th Ave., that is): Channel lipstick, a classic. (The one pictured is the Rouge Coco lipstick in Mademoiselle

After we wore ourselves out with shopping, we freshened up and headed to the theater to watch a beautiful classic: The Phantom of the Opera. I liked it, but as I feel about most musicals, I think that I will like it more the second time when my emotions have a channel to go through. (I actually rooted for the Phantom, thinking that it would end like Beauty and the Beast. Spoiler Alert: I was wrong.)

And one can't have Fancy Day without cupcakes? I added s'mores cupcake to my "love-it" list after this beauty from Magnolias Bakery.

Day Three- Book Day

Yes, we had book day! First on our list: NYC's Public Library! The building made me constantly stare around and feel like a guest at a palace, but I felt quite disappointed at the lack of books on display. Apparently, they keep the books in an underground location and only bring out the books that you request. But what if you don't know which book you want and you only want to wander about a building full of pages that you've never read and stories that you've yet to discover? What if you want to go to the library and pick the book with the most interesting back cover? (Guity.) 

So, to cure my need to see hundreds of book around me we went to two bookstores. One promised us everything and gave us nothing, and the other, The Strand, held 2.5 millions books on four stories! It satisfied my yearning and also added a vintage Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem book to our library at home.

But I didn't take any pictures at the bookstore. Sorry!

We, to go along with book day, stood in line to get cheaper (notice the "er") tickets to see Les Miserables (which is based off of a book) that evening, because the three shows that we already scheduled for the trip couldn't put to rest our longing for Broadway (and no, that wasn't sarcastic).

And let me tell you, I do not know why we didn't plan on seeing Les Mis in the first place! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! And I don't mean pretty, I mean beautiful. So full of grace, so full of redemption. And the singing. Oh. Jean Valjean! Oh.

Les Mis. That's where it's at!

Day Four- Be a Kid Day

Yes, we had Be a Kid Day in NYC. And yes, it rocked! We started off with a picnic breakfast in Central Park. 

And we went to see The Lion King.

The M&Ms store, of course!

And we ate at a wonderful place called Ellen's Stardust Diner, where the waiters and waitresses give live Broadway-type  performances the whole time! It was the coolest restaurant (beat only by Belle's Castle in DisneyWorld).

And then I stood on top of the world.

Well, on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, but that's the same thing. The night felt almost chilly so high in the sky, and the city felt so different with the lights shining bring for me to wonder at but the noise so far below that I could imagine that only me and NYC shared this moment; anything could happen.

Day Five- All New York City Day

You've got to have pizza when you're in NYC, right? And might as well make it delicious fire-baked pizza with the best crust ever from Lombardis? 

And All NYC Day means branching out from our little bubble of the Theater District. So we went to Chinatown where I struck the only Chinese pose that I know- the one from The Nutcracker. 

Of course one must eat gelato when visiting Little Italy!

And then we entered The Metropolitan Museum of Art where I wandered through hallways of Haute Couture Valentino, Channel, and the like before making a beeline (or as much of a beeline as one can make in this maze of a museum) to the three rooms FILLED with Degas (my favorite classic painter)! I freaked out to see the original copy of the paintings that I've seen so many times on-line! And I got to pose besides the famous statue!

Because we loved it so much, we revisited Ellen's Stardust Diner before going to our last show...


Wicked blew me away! It embodied everything fun about Broadway in a quirky and interesting tale accompanied by fabulous songs! Plus, Caroline Bowman (Elphaba) sang like no one I ever heard before! (I liked her better than Idina Menzel...)

And I got to meet Kara Lindsay, the actress who played Glinda!

Day Six- Until Next Time Day 

And then we had to say goodbye. 

Not without a hot dog from The Shake Shack (very good). 

And the most delicious milkshake ever from The Shake Shack (even better).

But a few more selfies later, we drove to the airport, waited three hours for them to clean out bird guts from the plane engine, and took off towards home. Oh, wonderful home! But I found it hard to say goodbye to the city, to the faced paced life, to adventure right around the corner, and even to the stuffy subways that can take you to a whole new world in three stops.

But really, this isn't goodbye. No, it's until next time, New York. Until next time, city that stole my heart.

Comment below where in the world you'd like to go! And stay tuned for the final part in my Summer Tales series- home! Also, if you are planning in going to NYC soon, please email me at hannahgirl06@gmail.com, and I'd love to help you in any way that I can!

Princess Hannah


  1. I love these photos! Looks like so much fun. I'm glad you had a good time :)

    1. Oh! What was your favourite musical that you saw?

    2. Thank you! And I did have a wonderful time! My favorite musical goes to Wicked, but Les Mis came in so close!

  2. oh my WORD. I went to NYC for my 13th birthday, but I didn't feel like I got to do everything in the three days that I was there. I did see Phantom of the Opera and the Rockettes :) I hope to return for my senior graduation trip.
    Your trip looks amazing! And I know you had a blast. Thank you for sharing pictures!
    xx Riley

    1. 13th birthday to NYC sounds like a blast! And the Rockettes sounds super fun! You should go back! NYC calls to you!

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh.

    I'm freaking out. (As if you can't tell xD)

    It looks like your trip was absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I've always dreamed of going to New York. I'll make it there one of these days!!!

    First off- the shopping looks amazing!!! I'm drooling over that lipstick. Sooo beautiful!!!

    Now, the reason that I'm totally flipping out as I type this. BROADWAY. OMG. Those shows....agh!!! The only one that I've seen is Wicked (It's touring right now and I got to see it- best night EVER), but all of those are definitely on my theatre bucket list! Hahahaha, this line- "I actually rooted for the Phantom, thinking that it would end like Beauty and the Beast. Spoiler Alert: I was wrong." absolutely cracked me up. xD Les Mis is seriously such a beautiful show. I usually have the soundtrack playing on repeat, and it's just SUCH an emotion packed show. Ahh. Love it. LION KING!!!! My friend went and sent me a ton of pictures- I was completely flipping out xD I want to be in that show!!! It's so much fun. And Wicked is just my all-time favorite show. I would watch it a hundred times, haha!!! The storyline is so great, and the music is just incredible. YOU MET KARA LINDSAY NO WAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I may have a *tiny* obsession with her, especially since she was Katharine in Newsies as well. Two of my dream roles!!!!!

    haha, anyways, sorry for spamming you with this gigantic comment. xD I'm so glad that you had such a great time in New York!!
    Grace Anne // http://totallygraced.blogspot.com/


      And the shows really made the trip. I LOVED them! I wanted to see so many other ones too, so I can see something new each time that I go! That's what makes NYC so fun, there's always something new! I really hope that you can go!

  4. I've always wanted to go to New York!
    It looks like so much fun...food, shopping, Broadway, even though I'm not one of those people that absolutely is obsessed with the city, I do like it :)
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures and I'm so glad you had a good time :)

    1. New York really does have something to offer everyone! Great food, many entertainment options, and countless other things! Thank you for the comment!

  5. THIS! Oh my word. This sounds like the PERFECT New York City trip! You basically just did everything I would ever want to do. Fighting some jealousy over here. ;) I'll make it to New York someday! And when I do, I'll be sure to email you. :)

    I'm so glad you had such a beautiful time! And isn't Phantom beautiful? I'm glad you understand the whole "gotta get through the emotions before I decide what I think of it" thing. :)

    1. Emily! I love this comment! We are finding ways we are similar all of the time! And one day it will happen! When your a student there are lots of opportunities!

      Phantom /was/ beautiful! The music makes me feel transported to a different world! And yes! Someone understands my weird way of handling things with too many emotions! (I didn't even like Les Mis the first time I saw it. It took me a couple of days to like it and seeing it live to LOVE it.)

  6. Oh, so lucky! I've been in NYC once but Id love to go there again. Aren't MoMA and the subway stations fantastic? Out of the three Broadway shows you've seen, which was your favorite? :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. NYC always calls you back, doesn't it? And the subways made things so much easier, though we did get quite confused at first...

      My favorite show was Wicked, but Les Mis came into a super close second!

  7. This is looks like SO much FUN. I can't even. Never really thought New York would be that type of city I'd REALLY REALLY want to visit... but now, SO WANNA GO THERE!

    1. I didn't even think that I would like NYC as much as I did. It has a way of drawing you in and making you feel special even admits so many other people. Thank you for the comment!

  8. I cannot tell you HOW excited I was for you to experience this beautiful, thriving city - it's truly like no other. And can we talk about the brilliant fact that you planned your days out with those amazing themes? You saw so much! And three of the best possible musicals - Wicked was perfect, Phantom was haunting (yes, he should have ended up with Christine 100%!!!), Lion King so joyful, and Les Mis just...too much for words. So soul-stirring and tear-inducing. It looks like you had an amazing time and fell in love with NY. <3

    1. Aw! That's how I felt when you announced your trip to Paris! And yes, the days were full of fun and the nights blew me to far off places that I didn't want to leave!

  9. WOW. You just described the perfect week. Hannah, this sounds amazing!!!!! I forgot where I was for a minute as I devoured your pictures.... You're adorable, btw <3
    What an amazing senior trip! I might have to drop a few hints to my parents.... ^_^