Coming Home- Summer Tales Part Three

First came the five weeks of training and hard work at American Academy of Ballet. (Not to mention the amazing friends, growing experiences, and ah-ha moments.)

Then came five nights of living the NYC life with Mom.

And then I came home.


I remember when I first arrived home I immediately went to find my kitties! For the first time in six weeks I got to pet their soft fur and kiss their little faces! Something was missing, though... Dad and Rebecca excitedly met us at the airport, but the twins planned to spend the night at a friends house because we got back very late (the airport I flew into is over two hours away). I didn't want to wait any longer to see them, but I couldn't do anything now.

I'd have to wait until morning.

Or not.

The twins felt the same way and called Mom when we arrived, asking to come home. We just couldn't wait to see each other! It felt so wonderful to live in the same house again, all of my family (including my kitties) under the same roof. And I slept in my own bed again!

And then I accepted the challenge to live out summer in two weeks. I don't know what summer means to you, but to me, a good, relaxing summer day includes:

-Sleeping in until at least 10:00 (Or much later if you recently completed a five week ballet intensive.)

-Cereal and milk (Don't ask, but it's my I-slept-in-too-late-and-it's-almost-lunchtime breakfast.)

-A long time to study God's Word (Get excited now because more But God posts are coming soon!)

-Watch TV (Up to three episodes, preferably British but other intellectual shows acceptable.)

-Waste a bit of time on Pinterest (We all do it, might as well enjoy it!)

-Exercise a bit (Because if I don't, then I feel droopy and tired.)

-Do something creative (Write, blog, draw, dance! I actually finished the second draft of a full length novel last week and drew this little sketch based off of dresses that I saw at The Met.)

-Spend time with family (And I got all caught up on this because my Aunt and her two kids stayed with us all last week. I love family!)

(My sister and I abandon normality and sit longways on the couch, pushing out the cushions and cuddling under the blankets. I love our little tradition but mostly because I love her!)

-Stay up a bit too late (Because why not? You can sleep until 10:00 anyway.)

This list actually teases me a bit because I know that these days are limited. School starts in a week (and for many of you, it has already started), and I feel sad that I can't spend all day in my pjs anymore. But that's what makes Summer Days so fun! That's what makes us prepared for the real adventure, Life. Because let's face it, laying around in our pjs drinking tea (a new habit of mine) and watching Netflix isn't what Life is about.

Life is about bringing God's love and message to the world around us, virtual or not. Life requires work, but work isn't bad. Life gives us plenty of lemons to help us practice making lemonade. Life brings so much joy in unexpected ways. So don't feel disappointed that summer draws to a close, feel excited that Life awaits you on the Monday mornings and on the Friday evenings. (And also remember that you can still rest a bit from Life during the school year. I like to keep my Summer Days skill level fresh by practicing it regularly on Saturdays.)

So I'm back! I'm back home and I love it! But I want to be more than just physically back, I want to be ready for what Life brings around the corner!

Here's to a great summer and an even better school year! Comment below what you consider to be the perfect summer day! Also, share with me something that you're excited about for the fall! Oh, and here's something random but desperately needed: I need to know what kinds of tea to drink! I just started drinking tea, but I don't know which kinds I like and hate to buy a whole box only to throw it away! I want tea bags with sweet/mild tones, preferably with caffeine. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Princess Hannah
Hannah P


  1. Almost lunchtime? In the summer, I usually get up and eat breakfast around dinnertime! :P

    Your summer days sound so productive though--I do the TV part, but instead of three episodes it's more like three seasons of a show :/ And I didn't do much Bible study this summer either >_< ouch. But I've been doing it more lately ^^

    This is a great "I'm back" post! And welcome back, by the way! :)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Hehe, sleeping in is the best!

      I understand. The laziness of summer can pull you in so easily! I just can't sit around too long or I get antsy and even more tired feeling!

      It's never too late to talk to Jesus!

      And thanks for the wonderful comment, as always!

  2. This is a fabulous post! I know that you have to be thrilled to finally be back home:)

    Gosh, your summer days are so much more productive than mine!! xD I really need to work on that...

    Can't wait to see your "But God" posts!! :):) I really haven't had enough Bible study lately, need to work on that...
    Grace Anne // http://totallygraced.blogspot.com/

    1. Apparently I'm productive in my summer days... (It's a blessing and a curse.) And I'm so glad that you are looking forward to the But God posts! This next one is very personal for me. And maybe I should do a post about how to get into a regular rhythm of reading the Word of God with joy and grace (for I could use that too).

  3. You are extremely productive over the summer! All I do is sit around and watch my brother's show, which mainly consists of cartoons... Ugh. Well, at least your back!

    xoxo Morning

    1. But you are with your brother, which is good! My family loves to watch TV and go to movies together!

      And yes, I'm excited to be back! Thank you for the welcome!

  4. Ballet is amazing I love it so much! Your kittens are gorgeous!

    Check out my blog? If you want to ~ shinenelevate.blogspot.co.uk

    Rukiya XX

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