Five Ways to Eat Honey

I love honey.

I think that my love for honey stems for my love for anything sweet, but honey tastes so rich and sticky and wonderful that I just want to put it on everything! My family buys giant jars of local honey from the hardware store, which makes it seem even more special. And because it's natural and healthy, I don't feel bad about smothering all of my food in the deliciousness.

And so I do.

And now I get to share the love of honey with you by listing five ways to use honey in your everyday life:

1. In Coffee

I like to make my coffee strong, with skim milk, stevia, and a good drizzle of honey. Although honey is not low-calorie, just a bit provides a richness and flavor that perfectly sweetens my new morning drink, (I just started drinking coffee while in New York training for ballet), and just a lot works fine too!

2. In Tea

Another drink that I now love also tastes great with honey: tea. Somehow the addition of honey makes the warm comfort of tea go down with even more delight!

3. As a salad dressing

Though a less common use for honey, drizzling it over a salad makes a sweet dressing. It's just so simple and complementary to so many salad combinations, especially fruit salads.

4. On Oatmeal

Ditch the brown sugar, honey is here! A little drizzle of this sweetener gives a bowl of oatmeal an instant boost! Add some dried cranberries and granola and you will look forward to eating breakfast every morning!

5. On Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

Speaking of breakfast, honey tops these oatmeal banana pancakes like none of our business! I may be partial to my first recipe ever posted, but honey could replace syrup for any pancake recipe. But really, you should try these easy and healthy pancakes!

As you can tell, we love honey in our house!

So next time you see some local honey, buy it! If it's a big jar, buy it! And then I hope that you find these ideas delicious and fun as you experiment with how you like to use honey during your everyday lives! Comment below how you use honey and how you can't wait to use it in the future!

Princess Hannah


  1. Mmmm, yes!! Me and honey, we're like this: *crosses fingers*
    Although on your salad?! Hannah, are you SURE?? I'm skepticle on that one. ;)

    1. You must try it as a salad dressing, trust me, it's delicious! Pair it with honeycrips apples, craisens, and some granola, and you will look forward to eating salads!

  2. Ok, so, my mum makes this type of special Russian flat bread (? that's the closest word to it). Oh, and it's not even Russian it's more like Uzbek (because we're Russian and my parents lived there before;). Anyway, my mum bakes and when it's done, we tear pieces of it and dip it in heavy whipping cream and honey. SOOOOOOO flipping good!!! I should blog about it once:)

    1. YOU SHOULD MAKE A POST!!! I want to eat this marvelous sounding Russian Flat Bread! And I didn't know you were Russian? That's super cool!