A Little Something Special

There's something about December that makes everything a little something special. The way the world shines a bit brighter and sounds a bit more cheery. The way friends and family connect over traditions done every year and yet different each time. The way the house wraps itself in holiday colors. The way Christmas coffee cups start off the mornings with a bit of festivity.

But mostly, Christmas lightens up our souls because of the way Christ comes to change everything about our lives. The way the message of joy seeps through the artificial happiness sold at half-price at Target this weekend. The way the Story of Jesus is proclaimed and natural to talk about. The way the world unites together to celebrate something bigger than all of us. That's what makes December special.

And I love it all!

I love Christmas time and I cannot help but squeal a bit when my favorite holiday traditions come around each year! The familiar events and the loved ones sharing them with me makes my heart smile from the memories of the past and the ones forming now. I love the way that Christ makes everything a little something special. And so, I want to share with you some of my favorite Christmas traditions in hope that you rejoice in the little and big things alike this month. God is the giver of good gifts, and this year, like every year, He gives the gift of Christ with us, Christmas. Let us rejoice!

12 Ways to Make Christmas a Little Something Special: 

1. Decorate the Whole House

I love decorating, but Christmas decorations are a step above the rest. In my house, we go all out, covering every surface with Christmas figurines and swarming our tree with as many ornaments as we can fit on the branches! In my room, I use white lights, a little silver tree, and pink Nutcracker-themes ornaments and figures. The day during which we put up the tree is simply wonderful because it just feels like Christmas as we unpack the numerous boxes and dance around the house to Christmas music!

We also love to craft some decorations, and I've made this wreath (I used an embroidery hoop and real pointe shoes) and these ornaments last year! I think I want to paint some canvases and make a pinecone garland, but I love new Christmas craft ideas if y'all have any!

2. Listen to Christmas Music

This simple act can change any day into a little something special, and look for my Christmas playlist coming to the blog soon! (Hint, it contains David Crowder Band and Micheal Buble.)

3. Make Gingerbread Houses

Again, I love to decorate for Christmas and make crafty things, and so let's just say that I take my gingerbread house seriously. My family buys the pre-made package that comes with five little houses so that we each decorate our own, and each year they get better and better! Making gingerbread houses is a fun activity to make any day a little something special (especially if you listen to Christmas music)!

4. Wear Christmas Colors

I've planned it out, and I will wear something Christmas-y to church every Sunday from Advent on. Although I don't wear much red and green during the year, it makes an day a little something special during Christmas. And I'm falling in love with red lipstick, so also expect a post on that coming soon!

5. Use Christmas Household Items 

How do we make breakfast, texting, and driving a little something special? Use Christmas things! We have so many Christmas dishes at our house that it's a bit overwhelming! But the festive plates give each meal a little something special.

Lately, I've really liked Christmas wallpapers for my phone! I'm currently using She Reads Truth's scripture memory prompts as my lock screen and this simple one as my homepage.

6. Go Christmas Light Seeing

This tradition is one of my favorites, although I will say that about every tradition! My family will go Christmas light seeing at least once a year, but we don't just go and see lights, we must dress in our pjs, listen to Christmas music, and eat ice cream on the way home! The quirky feel of this tradition makes it a little something special!

7. Christmas Baking

Seriously, what is December without cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate! Okay, Jesus makes it special regardless, but holiday baking is super fun! We love to decorate cookies every year. A couple of years ago we made these cookies from The Pioneer Woman, and this year I think we will try our hand at some Royal Icing techniques.

My favorite Christmas cookie recipe is our great-grandmother's sugar cookie recipe. I think I might do a post on that as well!

8. Watch Christmas Movies

I crave Christmas movies this time of year almost as much as I crave desserts. Every year we watch at least Elf (the funniest), a VeggieTales Christmas movie (what is Christmas without talking vegetables), and an old Christmas movie (Christmas in Connecticut this year). But I want to organize a Christmas movie marathon full of sappy Hallmark movies and cheerful classics!

Another great Christmas movie is Nativity, a movie which reminds us all of the power of the Christmas story!

9. Make Christmas Cards

As many of you know, I love to make a good card, but nothing can compare to a beautiful, homemade Christmas card! I try to outdo myself every year, but this year I think I may go for the simple approach. Last year I did several different kinds, but I made a couple that looked like these and loved them! Do you guys have any card ideas?

10. Buy/Wrap Christmas Gifts

It is pretty exciting to walk into Target and buy a gift for someone! I love when I get something that the other person wasn't expecting too! But I don't just buy a gift, I must wrap it, tie it with a bow, and make sure all of the wrapping paper matches!

11. Receive Gifts

My family never did Santa, and I'm perfectly fine about that. I love being able to thank my family for their love shown through gifts! We open our gifts of Christmas Eve for a couple of reasons. One, we don't like waking up early in the morning. Two, it leaves Christmas day free to spend worshipping Jesus!

12. Focusing in Immanuel

I do not put this last because it is the last thing that I thought of, but I wanted to show everyone how God's grace can intertwine with every aspect of Christmas. Yes, I love spending time doing an Advent study (this year I'm going through She Reads Truth's study and last year I read Ann Voscamp's book The Greatest Gift), but putting Jesus as center is more than the few minutes of time we read His Word.

It is decorating the house with reminders of grace.
Listening to music that shows us God's holiness,
Using creativity to honor God,
Wearing colors that point to joy,
Involving Jesus in everything we do,
Marveling in His light all around us as we see the lights of houses,
Taking part in the yummy food all around with thanksgiving,
Watching movies and identifying how God's Story is in them,
Making cards that give encouragement,
Giving gifts that send love,
Receiving gifts with gratitude and joy, knowing the the Greatest Gift of all is Jesus!

Join with me in celebrating the little things this December and embracing the traditions and festivities that we love! And let us keep each other accountable to not forgot why everything is a little something special this time of year: Jesus!

Comment below your favorite Christmas traditions and what you want to try this year! Also, do you have any Christmas craft or card ideas? What about your favorite Christmas movie?

Merry Christmas, and expect many more Christmas posts in the future!

Princess Hannah


  1. Hannah, this post makes me so happy!! I love Christmas, and I absolutely can't wait to see more Christmas posts!!

  2. I am glad that you'll have Michael Buble on your playlist.

  3. this post has encouraegd me to decorate my room with christmas lights right now....and I can't wait to see your playlist :)
    I just love Christmas so much!

    1. I need to finish lighting up my room! And yes, the playlist will be a fun post!