Christmas Carols

 When I think about Christmas, I think O Holy Night, 
how the stars were brightly shining. 
And I look at the skies, seeing all the bright lights, 
And their shining is still reminding.
Reminding me gently of the Joy to the World, 
how heaven and natures sings. 
They sing to the Lord who is come down to us,
that we may receive our King. 
This King that has come, so tender and mild, 
Upon a silent and holy night. 
With Him comes a dawn of redeeming grace, 
He's Son of God, love's true light. 
He gives us all victory, vict'ry over the grave
To ransom captive Israel.
Rejoice all ye people, he's come now to thee, 
His name is Emmanuel

There's something about Christmas music that speaks to my soul. And I feel another poem coming up...

It's the classic tunes that I wait all year to hear. 
It's the gospel truths proclaimed in every store. 
It's the lilting melodies that make my heart rejoice. 
It's the Christmas spirit, which is really the spirit of Christ. 

Make that two more poems...

Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel, let earth receive her king. 
Born is the King of Israel, let heaven and nature sing. 
God and sinner reconciled, a newborn King to see. 
Oh come let us adore Him, oh come, fall on your knees. 

The stars are brightly shining, join the triumph of the skies. 
Star of wonder, star of light, dancing in the night. 
Joy to the world, the lord is come, silent and holy night. 
Glory to the newborn King, Son of God, love's pure light. 

There is just so much truth and grace in Christmas carols! I just... They are just... Well, how about you listen to a few of my favorites! Without further ado, I present to all ye readers with not one, but TWO Christmas playlists made by yours truly.

Playlist Number One: Classic Christmas Joy

Oh how much I love the songs on this playlist! I didn't follow a particular pattern for these songs, only that they represent the classic Christmas spirit so dear to me! My absolute favorite Christmas songs are the ones centered on Emmanuel! Oh how much worship can happen to the well-known songs of O Holy Night, Joy to the World, and O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (my current favorite)!

Many of the artists I chose appear more than once on the playlist, and my go-to Christmas album is the David Crowder Band Oh For Joy album. Seriously, go and buy it! I also sprinkled in some classics, some Charlie Brown, some a cappella, and some upbeat twists! And we can't forget about our good friend of Christmas music, Mr. Michael Buble!

Playlist Number Two: Soft Christmas Melodies

These artists are not artists that I usually listen to, but after exploring some new music, I found that I loved the acoustic vibe and gentle Christmas melodies found in these songs! My favorite is Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Jonnyswim (that song actually made it to both playlists). I must credit Abbie and her Christmas playlist for a couple of these songs!

Let these songs envelop you this week in worship of Emmanuel! Shout them out and whisper them in your heart. Let them sick in deep and come out with joy. Be still if need be, and dance around if need be. Just don't pass up the truth and joy of Emmanuel this week. Don't forget to rejoice in the Lord who is come!

Merry Christmas and much love to you all,

Princess Hannah


  1. This is beautiful, Hannah <3 Can't wait to listen to your playlists!

    1. Why thank you! I must say, they are pretty good!

  2. I'm totally listening to these playlists, thanks for sharing! I love this post <3


    1. Thank you so much fellow Christmas music lover!