Hopeful Romantics

why do we call it hopeless,

this state of romanticism? 

the hopeless romantic. 

the fearless day-dreamer. 

the chick flick watcher. 

she waits on prince charming, 

knowing that he won't come on a horse

but imagining it anyway. 

she waits for her "ever after," 

dreaming that it comes with roses

but knowing that her heart truly desires


i don't know what you call this, 

but i call it hope. 

the hopeful romantic. 

still hopeful that one day,

one day,

she will meet someone bold



authentic in his pursuit of Jesus. 

one day

he will pursue her,

and she will pursue him.

he will buy a ring,

and she will buy a white dress.

they will fight.

and he will hold her hand.

they will make a mess in the kitchen

and dance at every wedding.

one day. 

there is hope there,

not immediate satisfaction

nor hopeless exasperation

there is hope. 

hope that she won't give up,

not yet.

for she is a hopeful romantic

and she is strong.

but her hope is bigger than romance,

stronger than patience.

her hope is filled with an empty grave.

it is intersected at every moment

with a cross.

her hope is joyful in unfulfilled dreams,

because every dream is a shadow

a mirror,

a copy of the one true dream placed on her heart.

and that dream,

that hope,

is Jesus.

so with her eyes fixed

on the sure hope of Christ,

she dances through this tangled world

of romance.

of dreams.

of happily ever afters

and not quite yets.

she's not fazed by disappointment,

because her true hope never disappoints.

she's not wavering in insecurity,

because her hold is firm forever.

she sets her heart on hope.

the rest is still unknown to her. 

Oh, how I felt like Anne of Green Gables mixed with every Christian girl post about "Waiting for Prince Charming" right here, but it is so true. I am a hopeful romantic. Hopeful that my story ends well because I know Who writes it. Hopeful because I know that the end to my romance here on earth it isn't something I will see all of right now. Hopeful because my hope is in the One who holds the universe, not in any Prince Charming. This is hard, and sometimes this hope hurts my heart. But I'm choosing to hold onto hope in romance and more importantly, Jesus. 

"But hope that is seen in no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently." (Roman 8:24-25)

Are you a hopeful romantic? How do you hold onto hope? And what are your hopeful romantic indulgences? Me, I love a good romantic subplot in a movie or story. (Or main plot...) 

Much love, 

Princess Hannah


  1. I LOVE this!!!! Yay for all the hopeful romantics. :) There truly is hope at every turn.

    And I just watched the first two Anne of GG movies for the second time and ohmygoodness. They're just so wonderful! I just wish they counted as impactful movies...hehe. ;D

    1. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES IS LIFE!!!!!!! They for sure count as impactful movies.

      Glad you enjoyed this post Hannah!

  2. This poem is my LIFE!! Absolutely love these elegant and so perfectly spot on words that you wrote....basically you captured my "hopes" and "dreams" perfectly. We are very much alike in our hopeful romantic indulgences:) Love a good chick flick & love story.....

    1. This comment. This is why I wrote this post. I'm not one to write a lot about romance, having little experience and even less original thought, but this I felt I needed to communicate, because the world tells us to give up hope so quickly. I give up hope so quickly. I needed this, if you understand.

      YES!!!! I actually searched for Age of Adeline the other day and thought of you!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this, Hannah!! <3333

  4. This was beautiful! So well put. ♥

  5. well Anne of Green Gables is pretty much the bomb, so :) dude, this. I loved all of this. So right on <3 You put it beautifully

    1. I wish I could BE Anne. Except I'm pretty happy being me. If I had to be another person, though...

      Thanks so much! Your encouragement means a lot!

  6. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm definitely a hopeful romantic! I have never really fantasized over relationships and such, or at least compared to my sisters, but lately I've been thinking about who God has for me. Or if he even has someone for me.

    You wrote this out so well! I love all of your posts Hannah! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Allie, your comments are the absolute sweetest!!!!!! Yes, I've never been one to fantasize things, but sometimes I have a season where I do. I'm fighting that right now actually.

  7. Oh my word, yes. Thank you,I really truly needed this so badly today. I love the term hopeful romantic. So perfect. Thank you for writing this!!

    xx Lorraine // Laurel Crowned

    1. Lorraine, it's been so long! How are you?

      And I have to say I'm a bit obsessed with the term as well! Thank you bunches for your encouragement!

    2. I'm doing great! Hope you are too (: I love your blog, just don't always have time to comment...but this post hit me so hard, I had to let you know.

    3. Wow, that means a lot! I'm so glad to hear that you've been doing well! I must admit, it's been too long since I've stopped by your lovely blog. It's been too long since I've read ANY blog. College.

    4. hey, I've been there. I had 5 years of college (bachelor's + master's) and I totally get how crazy it can be ;) Keep it up though, it'll be worth it when you're done! What's your major?

    5. Yes, I'm only two years in. It's a good kind of crazy! Thank you for your encouragement! I'm in Mass Communications. What did you major in?

    6. Yeah, I loved college... sometimes it's hard to believe I've been done for a whole year now! My major was dietetics/nutrition. Good luck with everything and enjoy it while it lasts!

  8. OH GOODNESS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH IT HURTS. <3 Please never change, Hannah. You are such a light. :')

    1. Olivia!!!!!!!


      thank you so much. so very much.

  9. This poem is beautiful. I think you're right, we're all somewhat like Anne (funny, I've been meaning to do a Green Gables themed post during Valentine's for over three years but it never happens). And honestly, my romantic indulgences are romance books-- light ones, not the really heavy stuff that people claim is love but is entirely nothing like love because it is filled with something else. Gosh, if my guy best friend found out about reading romance novels, he'd probably be laughing, because when we were younger he'd always make fun of me barfing to love and my claims of never getting married. "You'll see," he'd say, although that part makes me blush... a lot. He's of the good sort. >.<

    xoxo Morning

    1. Anne is my favorite character ever, I believe. And yes, I love a good romance in a book, although I haven't read many romance genre. What are some good ones?

      And I'm curious about this guy best friend (having never had one myself). How do you like that?

    2. I feel like to define what are good romance books are relative to each person, and love is one of those things that people will have similar opinions on, but the depth of each opinion's aspect varies, if that makes any sense? This, I can't leave you with any good recommendations, at the moment.

      Where do I start talking about him? I used to dislike him because he hardly talked to anyone and he often has a stoic face, and for the first few months I knew him, we bickered. But the longer we knew each other, the more softer sides of him I got to see. He's comedic--he videobombed a video I was going to post onto Blogger. He made it a habit to scare me after the last class of the day, knowing I get startled easily, but then then would walk me to my locker and apologize. I'd scowl, but I actually enjoyed our unconventional banter. He's super sweet too--he's helped me out, seen me cry, and actually asks about my family & tried to reach out to my younger brother, which a lot of my friends don't do. I do the same for him. Even when he moved away to another part of town, we still try to make talking work-- in fact, we've been working on a collaborative novel project ever since he left.

      I think a big problem that come up for us though was definitely the romance part, because there comes a point where you spend so much time with someone where you can help but feel affectionate for and love, both in the romantic sense and non-romantic sense. Drama happened, things were left unsaid, and one of the biggest things that's important when they occur is not just conveying your thoughts, but being a good listener as well. We've decided and agreed to stay as friends-- life's too short to be fretting over such petite drama!-- but if there comes a time where we happen to meet up and see each other more frequently than at the moment, well, maybe. We'd both be open to the idea. But for now, it's important to remain friends, comfortable with one another and being able to communicate.

    3. Thanks for giving me a little romance novel!!! (this is not sarcastic.) IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!

  10. Ohmygoodness this is so sweet and beautiful and amazing ohmygoodness my heart. <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes, my heart is still melting over it too! Thanks for the comment!

  11. I'll admit that at first glance I thought this would be a poem raving about some romantic, heart-warming aspect of life...but I was so wrong. Thank you for sharing this Princess Hannah! I finished a good, inspirational book recently that had a similar message that impacted me. We shouldn't be basing our happiness - our joy - off of our future spouse. We should be deeply in love with our Savior, so much that if we never got married it would be enough. He is enough. Our joy is not found in a perfect husband. It is found in the perfect Man - Jesus Christ. ♥
    Thank you for sharing. =)

    //Hosanna Emily

    1. WHAT BOOOOOK???? What you said convicted me just a bit, because you're right. We might not even GET married ever. But Christ is still more than we could ever ask for.


    2. Oh Hannah!!! You are the sweetest! ♥♥ The book is called Set Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy. It was very convicting and covered so many different aspects of living as a set-apart woman for Jesus. ♥ I hope you can find it. ;)

      I love you, dear sister in Christ!

    3. I will have to look into that book, but because it sounds like an amazing read!

  12. that was so cute <3 awww. you're a beautiful writer.

    1. Faith, you're so sweet! Thanks bunches for the comment!

  13. Your writing seriously blows me away every time I read a post of yours!
    Destinee Nicole

    1. wow. Thank you so much for this Destinee!!!

  14. Oh my, Hannah, I love this so much. There is so much truth packed into your words, it is always astounding. <3

    1. Grace, have I said how much I love and appreciate you lately! Thanks for the comment!

  15. "she waits for her "ever after," dreaming that it comes with roses, but knowing that her heart truly desires wildflowers." <-- LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Love this whole thing!! <33

  16. HANNAH I LOVED THIS. I really felt it so much. A few years back, my library was literally all romantic type books, and I learned a lot during that time (mainly that any and all romance should begin and end with Christ. AND ALSO THAT THOSE BOOKS WERE NOT MEANT FOR ME. at all.) =) But i really liked how you brought the focus back on Jesus because regardless of where life takes us, true peace and joy can be found in Him. He is the definition of love.

    That's something I've thought about a lot since that time when I read those gushy mushy romance books. Love. I feel so often that a lot of the world runs after this version of "love", but is that it truly is? Because I feel that if that is only what people seek for in love, that they will be disappointed bitterly as the years roll by. And i was thinking, what is love? I don't think I ever truly realized until then what JESUS had really done. That cross. That love. That sacrifice.

    OWWWWWWWWWWWW. Anyways I think I rambled quite a bit but thank you, Hannah, for writing this post <3 I love how you write about the real part of real life. May you find God's favor in your life ever more abundantly ♥

    1. Autumn, I LOVE YOUR RAMBLES!!!! "Because I feel that if that is only what people seek for in love, that they will be disappointed bitterly as the years roll by." YES!!!!

      Thank you for your encouragement too. It's strange how I posted this and then I struggled with singleness more than I've ever struggled in my life. God is teaching me through my own words!!!

  17. This is so beautiful I love it <3 <3 <3

  18. OH MY I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! You are such a talented authoress Hannah and this post is gorgeous and so beautiful! I love it. ♥

  19. I LOVE this so much! Beautiful!