Taylor Swift Can't Shake It Off

We were built to fall apart
Windows down, the memories start
This is gonna take me down

Shake it off, shake it off

Rose garden filled with thorns
The more I think about it the less I know
Love's a fragile little flame

Shake it off, shake it off

Screaming, crying, perfect storm
This love has left a permanent mark
Bandaids don't fix bulletholes

Shake it off, shake it off

Remind me how it used to be
Remember what we were fighting for
Even if it's just pretend

Shake it off, shake it off

Losing grip on sinking ships
Hung my head as I lost the war
So take a look at what you've done

Take me home, take me home

(composed of at least one lyric from each song on Taylor Swift's 1989)

As I talked about in my newest Odyssey article (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/taylor-swift-really-wants), (Follow along with my Odyssey articles here)Taylor Swift is realizing that she can't shake it off. She can't shake off this burden of chasing an imperfect love when God created her for a perfect love. She is looking in the wrong places for her fairytale, because the King of the universe is wooing her soul, and all she needs to do is look up. 

As I listened to 1989 for the first full time this week, I prayed for Taylor Swift. I prayed that she won't give up on that "riding off into the sunset" kind of ending, but will find it in Christ. Because this album is full of evidence that, on our own, our love in imperfect at best. It made me sad to hear her settle for simply impressing a guy and living in the moment, not daring to to dream that this moment will last forever. 

Let us pray for Taylor Swift. And let us follow in the perfect love of Christ. 

Comment below your thoughts on the poem and Odyssey article. Do you like Taylor Swift? What did you think of 1989? 

Princess Hannah


  1. So often we just talk about celebrities just like that, like celebrities, who are distant from our lives, and who we don't need to pray for. "They don't care whether or not we pray for them, and they'll never know anyway!" But they are people too. Not only that, but they're actually normal people, no matter what it seems like. They too, are made in the image of God, and so need His grace. I love that you see the need to pray for even a big celebrity like Taylor Swift! Christians need to do that more often.

    I don't listen to Taylor Swift or enjoy her music, so I have not listened to her new album (didn't even know she had one!). Also, I read your Odyssey article on this, and the one before it, about befriending kids. I loved the one about kids. I love kids so much, and a lot of my real, true friends, are somewhere around ten years younger than I am! I love them so much. I can't tell you how much I love them. <3

    1. YES!!! They are, despite what they seem, real people and I like to pray for them too.

      And THANKS SO MUCH!!! I'm glad that you like the articles. And yes, our mini friends are the best kind!

  2. Wow, I'm totally with you on this. I couldn't get into 1989 like Taylor's other albums. She just seems....lost. And it's so sad to see the girl who used to want a fairy tale compromise and say "Well...I guess this is enough." It's sad. I love your perspective of praying for her. That's very wise! How can she know better if she doesn't know Christ?

    1. I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! But in a way, that realization of Taylor Swift's compromise made me like 1989, but not in a happy way. It made me think, and I like music that makes me think.

      I like to contemplate how much influence celebrities could hold if they lived for Christ! Look at Justin Bieber for example. He shared the gospel in some of his more recent concerts. ISN'T THAT COOL!!!!

    2. Dude, I didn't know that about Justin Bieber! That's rad. I knew he was a Christian, but sharing the Gospel? That's super cool. Especially since so many of his fans idolize him, they would definitely be influenced to check out Jesus if they heard him talk about Him. WOW! :D

  3. First off, I absolutely loved your Odyssey article! For the first time I finally got it to work, and your article was amazing.

    I agree with Erin, I couldn't get into 1989 as much as her other albums either. Her music is catchy, but..almost empty? I don't know. But I love your point of praying for her. <3

    1. YAY IT WORKED!!!!

      I got the entry vibe too. She's starting to sound just like everybody else. That's why we need to pray for her.