Finding Beauty

Beauty is everywhere. But we often miss it.

Today I went running outside in the fairly nice weather (cool enough for me to think about taking a walk yet hot enough for me to look like a tomato afterwards). On the way, I noticed the trees and listened to the birds (when Capital Kings didn't blast me forward). And I thought: God created this beauty.

The buds bursting forth.

The flowers shining through.

The birds gracing my ears.

God made all of that!

It's so easy to see God's fingerprint in spring, and I got the joy of being with Him even as I exercised. But oftentimes I ended up thinking only thirty more seconds, or think of how this will help your stamina. A few, straggling, beautiful thoughts shone through, though. Thank you, Father, for spring. Thank you for the ability to run. And those thoughts make me smile!

But I found out today that I can find God's beauty in the things that the world considers ugly, that are ugly.

Such as cleaning the toilet.

Or the numerous installations of barf that your sister's cat left you over the week.

I don't know about you, but I don't think "beautiful" when I think of scrubbing my carpet of vomit. Not at all. But guess what? Even cleaning regurgitated cat food can give God glory, even scrubbing the toilet can have beauty.

I may have lost you there, but hear me out.

There is beauty in responsibility.

There is beauty in obeying your parents.

There is beauty in the ability and time to do these things.

There is beauty in doing something ugly while praising God.

There is beauty, there is beauty in both the small things, the ugly things, and the beautiful things.

Let's be on a mission to find beauty in this world. Comment below something beautiful you experienced today!

Princess Hannah

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