Everyday Creativity- Card Making

Part Two in the Everyday Creativity Series- Card Making 

Before, we talked about journaling, but now I have another exciting way to use creativity on a regular basis: card making. I know, I know, the Hallmark cards are sweet and easy, but a homemade card not only looks adorable, it can end up giving more than the gift itself, for a homemade card tells the receiver that they care. When you make someone a card, you have to pick out the paper and write out the message just for them, and that is worth a lot! Plus, making cards uses creativity and is simpler (and cheaper) than you think. So here's a step by step process (with pictures by your truly) on how I make cards so that you can expand your creativity every time a birthday, holiday, graduation, or anything else rolls around (which basically equals every other day): 

Step One: Gather your supplies. You do not have to make cards the same way I do, in fact, I encourage you to do it your own way. But for the way I make a basic card, I use the following: 

*Scrapbook paper (I like to buy the pads of scrapbook paper like the one shown. This give me lots of options for a great price. Try and use a coupon at a craft store to buy these. Michaels and Hobby Lobby often offer 40% off coupons that you can use.) 
*Cardstock in various colors. (Again, I like to buy the packs of paper in several different colors.) 
*Rubber cement. I recommend rubber cement over traditional glue because it doesn't clump or show through the paper. 
*Glue. But you will need some regular glue, like Elmers or Tacky Glue. 
*Fancy scissors. I didn't use these during this tutorial, but I love fancy scissors like these. They add a sophisticated touch without much work. 
*A pencil. 
*Markers, pens, or sharpies. I used a calligraphy marker like one of these. Calligraphy markers are so lovely and easy to use without having to actually know calligraphy. 
*Embellishments like ribbon, buttons, stickers, lettering, stamps, twine, and push pins. Basically, whatever you like!  

Step One- Pick out your scrapbook paper and corresponding cardstock. The scrapbook paper will act as your cover and the cardstock will act as the base for the card. Choose colors that coordinate, and be wary of choosing dark colors for your cardstock, as the writing inside the card won't show up as well.

Step Two- Make the base. Today, I made a smaller card, so I took my cardstock and loosely folded it as shown. Then I cut along the fold. This smaller piece of cardstock I then folded in half to form the card. But because these scissors are lame and can't cut, I went back and trimmed the ragged edges of my card and found some new scissors.

Step Three- Cut the scrapbook paper. To do this, I trace the outline of the folded card onto the back of my scrapbook paper. This way I get the exact size of the front of my card. I then cut it out with scissors. (But because the only scissors I found to replace the lame ones were tiny, I decided to brave the dulled scissors again. Mistake.)

Step Four- Pause and eat some fruit. Because it tastes good and is also good for you. Plus, the orange/blue/pink combo looks really nice. Everybody needs pretty snacks, because making pretty cards is such hard work! (Not really. Unless you have lame scissors.)

Step Five- Glue the scrapbook paper on the card base. I use rubber cement here because it won't show through the paper. And because I craft on a regular basis, my mother bought the giant tub of rubber cement that doesn't come with its own brush, so I had to dig for an old paint brush. Anyway, smear some rubber cement on there, but don't put too much or it will show through the paper. Then place the cut scrapbook paper on the card and make sure to center it.

Step Six- Choose another solid paper (or two) to act as a backdrop for your cover message. However much I love the scrapbook paper, writing doesn't show up very well on it, so I usually glue a small piece of cardstock to write a short note on the front. You don't have to put a note, but I think that it gives the card a sweet look.

I chose this lovely blue and yellow to go with a colorful theme. Cut out a piece of the paper large enough to write the words, but not too big so that it takes up most of the card. Here is where I sometimes like to get out my fancy scissors and cut away!

Step Seven- Glue your message backdrop on the card and write the message. Use your creativity here, and place the note wherever you like! And write something unique, if you want, as well (or just put "happy birthday" like I did).

Step Eight- Now we bring out the embellishments! This is my favorite step, because you can do almost anything here! I like to go around my house and hunt for something that I can stick on a card, fake flowers, lace, old buttons, foil, anything. Using these interesting materials gives my card a unique flair to it! I gathered up a few different embellishments to choose from pictured below.

And I decided upon these adorable buttons! I have a thing for buttons. Big buttons, little buttons, vintage buttons.

When I glue on a larger object, I like to ditch the rubber cement and use regular glue. But for ribbon and thin objects, stick with the rubber cement.

And ta-da! I just made my own card! Well, almost. Now, for the final step... 

Step Nine- Write on the inside. This can be the hardest step for some people, but don't let it intimidate you! Just remind the person receiving the card why you care about them. Write a joke. Tell a story. Quote someone. Make it short or long, but say it with truth and personality. 

The options for card making don't end here, and as you start to discover new techniques, it gets really fun! Below are some other examples of cards I've made for family and friends, each one different and special. As you can tell, the way that I showed you today is one of so many ways to make cards. Experiment and find how you like to express your creativity through making cards for all events! 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on card making! God created us with the ability to create, so let's explore this ability, knowing that it comes from Him!

Do you make your own cards? What have you found useful? Do you want to start card making? Comment below any thoughts or questions on card making! And stay tuned for the third installment of this series: a party lifestyle: it's not what you think!

Princess Hannah
Hannah P


  1. I've tried to make cards before, for a children's hospital in town! That card/scrapbooking paper book though, I have one by the same creators too! Your cards are very lively! :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Making cards for a cause is so great! Several girls in my church came over to make cards for the women in our church, as we had a blast!

      Thanks! I like to make each card different and personal!

  2. Love these cards! You are so awesomely creative. <3

    1. Thank you! I have a lot of fun making them too! Hopefully you will give it a try!

      And God's given me some creativity and I love to use it! Isn't it cool the gifts that He gives us!

  3. I'm terrible at making cards. I can only make cross stitched cards look good, but your cards have defenitely inspired me! They're so cute!

    x Envy
    Picking up the Pieces

    1. It takes some practice and the right tools to really make it work. And I'm glad to have inspired you! Your blog is pretty cool, by the way!

  4. I have that same package of paper and I love it! I also love making handmade cards, though I usually save the fancy paper for scrapbooking! Thanks for sharing!

    The White Corner Creative

    1. I love this paper too! and I got it for five dollars! But yes, sometimes I want to save the paper for special purposes too.

      And I love your new website about blogging advice. :)

  5. I have those exact buttons too! I love the colors. One thing like to do is arrange everything I'm going to use on the card in a way I like it, so I know exactly what I'm doing when it comes time to glue everything down, and I don't regret doing something after it's too late. I've done that for a long time, I don't even remember starting the habit! By the way, your cards are very cute!

    1. That is a great habit, and one that I do as well, even though I didn't specify it. Thank-you very much, because you're admiration means a lot to me, for your cards are SOOOO cute!