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So, I got this blog a while back, but I didn't know if I would have time to write in it. But I have so many things to say, that I'm just going to make time! Here is goes.

The first real post.

Right now.

happy animated GIF

This is exciting!

So, as this blog has no recurring trends and such, I will start one:

Five Fantabulous Favorites: 

And yes, to my surprize, fantabulous is an actual word. Defined by the unscholarly (but hilarious) Urban Dictionary, comes this definition:

Sort of like "fabulous" but much more fabulous than the word "fabulous" can convey. Like supercalifragilisticexpialidocius but shorter and easier to spell. 
There you have it. Fantabulous. And here I will give you not only one fantabulous thing, but five! 
1. Cinderella. 
If I can go as far as to say, I believe that this dress could also provide a picture definition of fantabulous. Yes, I do go as far as to say that. 
Growing up, Cinderella took the place of favorite Disney Princess in my heart, although I think I fell more in love with the dress and ball and less with the prince. Needlesstosay, when I heard about the remake, I squealed (probably literally, ask my sisters). And the movie did not disappoint, but went above expectations!
The story didn't change much from the animated feature but elaborated upon the themes and characters. Prince Charming has a name, the stepmother a past, and the fairy godmother a delightful sense of humor (Helena Bonham Carter always adds extra flair). The scenery and costumes blew me away with their elegance and colors. And the simple message to Take Courage and Be Kind gave value to the movie. Go. See it. Be happy with me about it. 
I've ranted too long for my promise to keep the posts short, but this movie made me so happy! I could not stop smiling, and I look forward to seeing it a second time tomorrow (and that is a compliment, because I don't re-watch movies for a while usually). 
2. Ulta. 
My mall just received an Ulta, and it may be my new favorite store. So. Much. Make up. 
I kinda (really) wanted to buy it all. 
But I ended up only buying what I came in to buy, my favorite being something you can find at any Ulta (or a similar product elsewhere). It is the glamorous......... sponge. Yes, my favorite purchase was a sponge, but hear me out. This sponge (see the link below) transformed the way my foundation looked. I looked airbrushed using the same make up I previously used with brushes. The sponge applied the makeup in a very natural way, and I found it very easy to use. Watch the video in the link to see how to use this wonder! 
We couldn't not make a pie for pi day (especially 3.14.15 pi day), so my sister made this gooey, chocolatey, flaky pie that I insist (unless you gave up pie for lent) that you try! Click the link if you dare! 
4. The sun. 
I like the rain, but only if I don't have to go outside in it (unless I feel like it) and the sun starts shining in two days. Then I want the blue sky back. And I endured almost a week of rain and clouds. Or at least, that's what I felt like. But the sun shines today, and I can feel spring coming once again! 

5. For Your Splendor
This song is my heartbeat this last month, ever since I heard it. Just sing the truths Christy Nockels sings. Sing them to your heart, to your Savior. For these truths arch over all of the other fantabulous things. 
"With my roots deep in you, 
I grow the branch that bears the fruit,
And though I'm small, I'll still be standing in the storm.
'Cause I am planted by the river, 
By your streams of living water,
And I'll grow up strong and beautiful,  
All for your splendor Lord." 
Because the truth is, movies, makeup, pies, and even the sun will fade away, but they tell us something while they're here: they tell us of Jesus' truth. For we were created to yearn for beauty and joy, and when we find it in the small things of this world, it makes us smile and say fantabulous, and that's how God made it to be. But guess what? These wonderful (but short-lived) things only give us a taste of the real deal, the true beauty: heaven. 
So, I challenge you to enjoy these five fantabulous things I wrote about here, but to remember that, really, they only point to the most fantabulous place ever, one which will surpass all other fantabulousness: Jesus' home for us. 
God's grace be with you, 
Princess Hannah 

Hannah P

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