Capturing Magical Moments

"Once upon a time, there was a Magic Kingdom made of hopes and childhood fantasies. A timeless place where every land was filled with wonder. A place where everyone who entered its gates would be given the gift of the young at heart."

(Julie Andrews)

I love Magic Kingdom with all of my heart. Naturally, I did a photoshoot in my favorite nooks and crannies with my amazing and beautiful roommate, Hannah. From the little alcove in Main Street, to the outer rim of the castle courtyard in Fantasyland, we hit almost all of my favorite spots (excluding Rapunzel's tower, of course, but that will be for a future blog post). 

It was a truly magical day filled with iPhone pictures. Seriously, we took almost 800 pictures. I've chosen my favorite 30, though, to share today. Major photo creds goes to Hannah, who did such an excellent job! 

One of my favorite things to do in Magic Kingdom, and really any park, is to find the out of the way spots, the little spaces where you can really see and experience the magic in a personal way. These places shown are some of the best spots to savor the magic.

The door shown in the beginning is on the left side of Main Street as you walk in, in the middle of The Emporium. The light post and flower pictures are in the little alcove on Main Street in between the jewelry store and the collectibles store. 

Shirt (similar): Target

Skirt: Target

Cardigan (similar): Old Navy

Jeans: Kohls

And what's a Magic Kingdom picture without the elusive rose gold ears? I always told guests that they were a mythical Disney creature with a disappearing act because they are so hard to find!

Mickey bars and the castle. It's a classic.

This little beauty is on the right side of the castle coming from Main Street. It has a great view!

I love this area! It's by Philharmagic.

These little arches in the courtyard of Fantasyland, behind the castle, are great places to take pictures. You can also see the Fairy Godmother and the Step Sisters around here sometimes. 

This is one of my favorite sunset spots! It's in front of the Crystal Palace

As I like to say, have a magical day! Comment below a magical moment you recently experienced. Thank you all bunches <3 p="">

Princess Hannah

Hannah P


  1. All these pictures of you are SO CUTE!! So glad you had such a wonderful experience at Disney!!

    Simply Me

  2. Ah yes Philharmagic is such a good place to take pictures!! I recognized most of these, I'm pretty proud of myself, lol :P I'm so glad you're having such a good time at Disney! These pictures are so magical <3

    ~ Abby

  3. All your pictures are beautiful!!! The sky on the last few is very pretty!

    Lily @ lilymaesday.blogspot.com

  4. Ahhh these photos are so cute and you are so cute!! Disney World is so photogenic omg

  5. These photos are one hundred percent adorable!

  6. You are the absolute cutest person. <3

  7. I know you mentioned the rose gold ears (which are adorable), but I really loved the rose crown, may I ask where you got that?

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