Sunday is Coming

Friday, the day that people call good,
Where we talk about pain as if we understood.
Friday, the day that He carried our sin,
When he put Himself out that we might come in.
Friday, the day that they spat in His face,
But He didn't rebuke them, but gave us all grace.
Friday, the day that sun couldn't shine,
 But Sunday is coming, have hope. 

Saturday, the day that was suspended in air,
When sorrow descended which the world couldn't bear.
Saturday, the day from which work was forbidden, 
But Jesus, He worked to make sin overridden.
Saturday, the day that He fought for the sinner,
People thought that He'd lost, but He'll turn out the winner. 
Saturday, the day that forsook every hope,
But Sunday is coming, look close. 

Sunday, the day that makes hearts come rejoice,
The day that the earth once again heard His voice. 
Sunday, the day of victorious power, 
He conquered the grave in this wonderful hour. 
Sunday, the day when He lit up the earth,
He rose once again to give us new birth. 
Sunday, the day which we put all our hope,
Sunday is here, shout it out. 

Sunday, the day which we rest every week,
But really, do we give it power to speak?
Sunday, the day which we look at the cross,
But do we know that we should have carried that loss? 
Sunday is here, but it lasts only one day. 
Can we make Sunday's power dictate all our ways? 
Sunday the day in which He calls to us,
 Sunday's today, live in Him. 

For we should have died in response to our sin,
But Jesus, He came to transform us within. 
We couldn't do it, and we couldn't save, 
So He did it for us; He conquered the grave! 
For we were once dead, not-coming-back dead,
But He took our place and was punished instead. 
He didn't have to, and He owed nothing to man, 
Sunday is Jesus, risen King!

And so now we praise Him, for He rose again! 
Death couldn't stop Him, it tried only in vain. 
His might and His mercy have no parallel,
He controls every aspect of heaven and hell. 
The wonder of Sunday doesn't end on that day,
For Jesus is risen Monday and Tuesday.
Each day is a call for us to live worship,
For Sunday is now, come and sing!

Happy Easter everyone! Jesus is Best! Coming up next, I will post the last installment to my Everyday Creativity series. Comment below what your thoughts are this year on Easter! 


  1. Happy Easter to you too! In about two hours I will end up leaving for the Easter Virgil mass. It's one of my favorite services of the year; four hours of music that is only played on an annual basis, and nine beautiful stories. Plus, there's a food reception at the end of it all (also the only time of year I eat jelly beans, squee)! God bless!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Singing praises to God is my favorite! And songs that you only sing once a year make it special! Plus, jelly beans are just wonderful. (We may or may not have gone through a huge bag in about two weeks...)

      Jesus is risen, hallelujah!

  2. AMEN AMEN AMEN. *shouts it from the rooftops* HE IS RISEN.

    1. Agreed! The gospel has left me in wonder this week, and I'm so joyful for the fact! I hope I've inspired wonder in you as well!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I describe something that really goes beyond what words can say, but God still gives me words to try!

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