Everyday Creativity- Party Lifestyle

I know what you're thinking: okay Hannah, a party lifestyle? That seems a bit ungodly, not gracefully creative. Hear me out, though, because these two words probably don't mean what you think they mean.

You see, when I grew up, my three younger sisters and I always loved to make our ordinary days special. It didn't have to be a holiday or birthday for us to decide that today, we party. We would dress up the dining room like an Italian restaurant and serve Mommy and Daddy spaghetti. We would pretend that the living room was a theater and require tickets to watch the night's movie. We would hold circuses and plays, musicals and fashion shows. We lived, although we didn't know it by these words, a party lifestyle.

Party Lifestyle: Making daily events special by using creativity and laughter (desserts optional but highly recommended)

The circus holds a special place in my heart; we did "magic tricks", funny things, and more!

And just in case you still don't know about this party lifestyle thing, let me remind you that Jesus knew how to party. No, he did not practice the kind of party that we think of today as partying, but can we really assume that the guy who created barrels of wine for a wedding, constantly ate at nice dinners, and threw possibly the biggest picnic in the world didn't know how to make people laugh and use the things around him for joy and community? I don't think so. Jesus laughed, so let's follow Jesus' lead and laugh with him in the everyday things of life. Let's live a party lifestyle. 

So, how does a party lifestyle work? By reading the above definition, a party lifestyle works by deciding that today is going to be fantabulous (see the definition of this word as well as five fantabulous things on this recent post of mine). A party lifestyle requires one to think outside of the box as to what would make a normal day extraordinary. Should you dress up as princesses and hold a tea party with your cousins? What about you gather up some neighborhood kids and make a lemonade stand complete with posters and flyers? You could transform movie night at your house by dressing the house like the movie watched (and maybe even dressing yourselves up as well). The options end with your imagination, which is why I classify this as everyday creativity, because without a little creativity, then the living room won't turn into Dumbledore's office and the dining room won't look like a Mexican restaurant. Without a little special thinking, you won't perform your own soap opera or reenact American Idol. (I've done all of the examples listed, by the way. I know the party lifestyle.) 
For my sisters' 12th birthday, we reenacted the second Harry Potter book, Polyjuice Potion and all!

And so I challenge you to make normal days parties by adding just a bit of flair. And to spark some creativity and ideas, I have provided, my favorite, a list: 

1. Transform your dining room into a restaurant for dinner. Make the menus, decorate, play some music, and serve the food to your family or friends. My family has done Italian, Mexican, French, Chic, Country, and more, and I have the menus to prove it! 

This is an old one, complete with misspellings and markers!

2. Hold a tea party. Get out the china, lace, and real flowers, and don't forget: pinkies up! We always hold a tea party when my Nana comes in town, even though I'm almost graduating! 

3. Perform a skit. This is my favorite one! We like to write our own skits, but I've seen a lot on the internet too. Pick one out, grab some costumes, and don't forget the video camera! 

4. Compete in your own Cupcake Wars. If you don't know about the show, it requires several teams of bakers to bake cupcakes using two to three items out of a pile of difficult ingredients. Doing this brought much laughter/floured hands/tasty cupcakes!

5. Sell lemonade and homemade goodies to the neighborhood. I helped my younger sisters and their neighborhood friends do this a couple of times, and making the items, promoting the business, and watching them make more money than they should have produces smiles all around! 

Let's just say we baked a lot this day...

*Make a trip down memory lane. We plan on having a "kids again" day sometime soon where we do all of the things that we did when we were younger, frozen pizza, Barbies, the-ground-is-lava, and all! 

These things and more can make memories that you will treasure forever. I may not remember all of my birthdays and Fourth of Julys, but I remember when we put on a circus for Mom and Dad and when we reenacted the first Harry Potter book for my sisters' 11th birthday. These things will last forever, these normal days and special days where we decided to party. 

Comment below your favorite party lifestyle idea as well as any party lifestyle days you've put on. And what post out of the Everyday Creativity series did you enjoy most? I love to hear what you have to say, and I reply to every comment! 

Princess Hannah 
Hannah P


  1. Oh my goodness - that Harry Potter idea is so perfect! I'll have to have a polyjuice potion concoction party with my siblings when I get home from school. Such a lovely post about finding the joy in each day!

    1. Yes, the polyjuice potion rocked! A memorable family event for sure. And thank you!