Living Like Lucy Pevensie

I still remember watching Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe for the first time, years ago, and befriending Lucy Pevensie, more than befriending her, becoming her. For Lucy showed faith in the things unseen, strength beyond that expected, and hope even in dark times. She embodies innocence and playfulness, yes, but also determination and nobleness, and I wanted that. I connected with Lucy, and so, following her lead, I believed. I believed in Narnia, in things beyond, and in adventure. In fact, with my eyes closed and heart focused I opened my closet doors to enter into Narnia, willing all doubts to leave me, for I believed. I believed in Narnia.

Although I didn't step into Narnia that night, I found it more and more in the world around me, whether in the the snore of a cat, the truths of God's Word, the beauty of the world, or the wonder of stories. I didn't know it, but Narnia came to me in these things, little and big!

But as I grew up and took on more responsibility the Lucy in me faded to Susan. Now, I love Susan too, but she easily lost sight of the sight of the wonder and didn't look beyond reality; schedules, practicality, the seen, and the known clouded her vision, causing her to miss all of the magic around her. When Lucy tells her about Narnia, Susan turns away. Even upon entering Narnia, Susan just wants to go back where she feels safe and in control. And just so, I stopped opening my closet door to go to Narnia and started opening it only to see which clothes I would wear that day. I didn't choose to look for Narnia anymore, because I wanted what felt safe and controllable, and face it, whatever Narnia is, it is not controllable. The belief in a life bigger than this time never quite left, but I didn't feel it and wonder at it as much anymore.

After watching Narnia again tonight, though, I've realized these things in a joyous way! For during the first part of the movie, my mind and emotions tried to rob me of my joy by reminding me of the to-do lists undone and early mornings to come. The Susan in me talked over the magic around me, planning, sighing, and even crying.

But as the movie continued, I prayed. I gave to God, the God who holds the world, my worries, and I focused on Him who made laughter, beauty, and stories. The story Lewis crafted pulled me in as I tried to comprehend what it meant, how it portrayed Jesus' sacrifice for me. And I re-met my inner Lucy Pevensie.

You see, I want to live like Lucy Pevensie. I want to walk with Jesus, even when no one believes me. I want to fight for His kingdom with strength like and from the Lion. I want to see beyond the here and now and feel the moments of joy underneath the surface of life. I want to be strong, innocent, playful, forgiving, and believing. And this can only happen when I let Jesus' grace and magic pour over me and blanket me with its love and truth. This can only happen when I let go of trying to do everything and let God be for me. The can only happen when I trust that I can find Narnia even in the early mornings, wondrous moments, and stressful days. Because Narnia is everywhere, if only we choose to live like Lucy Pevensie and look for it.

Join me as I look for Narnia all around me. Join me as I live like Lucy Pevensie, the girl who opened a wardrobe and found an adventure. Join me as I trust in Jesus and fight for His cause with strength that didn't come from me.

For I believe, I believe that Narnia is all around us.

"When Aslan said you could never go back to Narnia, he meant the Narnia you were thinking of. But that was not the real Narnia. That had a beginning and an end." (Professor Digory Last Battle, Ch. 16)

Princess Hannah


  1. When I was in fifth grade I got into Narnia and honestly, I was like Lucy Pevensie in spirit: bright, youthful, curious, and hopeful. But as I entered middle school I began to turn more into Susan. We are going to be tested, and it's hard. Sometimes the tests get the better of us, but I hope some day, I will be able to find Narnia again. I really want to, that sense of childishness and purity.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Very much agreed! And as I've been thinking about these things in my heart, I've seen more and more of Narnia around me, oh the joy!

  2. I just found your beautiful blog. I'm so following! I love Narnia and Lucy, so I love this post. It's perfect and beautifully written! Thanks for sharing. <3
    -Christine @ everythingisblogsome.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you very much! Narnia has a special place in my heart too!

    And I just followed your lovely blog too! Not many people can pull off the music in the background, but I felt like I entered into your world when I opened up the blog!

    1. My Dad and Mom read the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to me and my siblings when I was only four or five and afterwards we watched the movie, so it always brings back good memories for me. <3
      Aww, thank you!! I wasn't sure if the music was a good idea or not, but I tried to go with just themes. :)
      Would you like to swap guest posts sometime?

    2. Yes, I remember my Mom doing the voices and everything when she read them to me and my siblings! And then we listened to a few of the audiobooks on long car trips, which was also wonderful!
      I would love to swap guest posts! I just followed you on Pinterest. We could start a messaging system there to figure out the details. I'm excited!

    3. Aww! Narnia memories are the best, right?
      Sounds good! I'm heading over to Pinterest now. :)

  4. Hannah this was lovely. Let's go out and be Lucys together! ;))

    1. Thank you! And yes, I accept the Lucy challenge!