Freedom Friday

I love beautiful things. I realized that about myself years ago, and nothing has changed. Vintage outfits, pastel cakes, blooming roses, and smiling babies all light up my heart. But this part of me also translates into something else: I hate truely ugly things.

Now I don't mean ugly as the way we often use the term, but ugly as in something abhorred, something contrary to how God made the world, and occasionally a really prominent pimple. Anyway, around three years ago I learned an ugly fact that changed my life.

Over 27 million people live in slavery.

Image from the A21 Campaign edit mine
Enough people to fill each professional football stadium 12 times cannot escape the dark rooms and aching backs of slavery. What equals to the population of Texas also equals the number of human beings forced to work for another human being, without hope for escape.

27 million.

That's ugly. And that's not okay with me.

Ever since I learned of this problem, I couldn't not think about it. I believe that God placed it on my heart to be a freedom fighter, to, even in small ways, advocate beauty in this ugly situation. I've spoke about it in front of people, promoted it, gave money towards it, and researched it. I won't exaggerate and say that I think about it all day, and nor have I gone beyond what I do for other things that I feel excited about, although I wish that I did. Instead, I've prayed a short prayer every day and given money to be hope for those with none. I tell others about this catastrophe in hopes that they too will join me in the fight for freedom, the fight for restored beauty.

And that's why I write this post. I want to help you to fight for freedom, even in small ways, and this all starts with knowing the problem. But I can't tell you the ugliness of this problem as well as Katja, a rescued victim of modern-day slavery.

This. This is what puts fire in my heart and hope in my soul at the same time. The story of 1 grips my heart, but the knowledge that another 27 million people can tell a similar story breaks my heart. 

And it makes me want to do something. 

And so I invite you to do one thing today: learn more about modern-day slavery by looking at the website linked below. This website features several other organizations that fight slavery and I recommend looking at a few, especially the A21 Campaign, from which I pulled the video above.  

For modern-day slavery is ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. But through Christ's light, even the hideous can shine forth with radiance. Even the dispicable can turn into something new. Even those in slavery can experience freedom, and I invite you to become a small part of the larger freedom story. 

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, 
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor. 
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for 
the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind, 
to set the oppressed free, 
to proclaim the year of the Lord's 

Jesus' words in Luke 4:18-19

Stay tuned, because I will most definitely write about this again, with more ideas for how you can get involved. 

Princess Hannah 
Hannah P

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