Five Fantabulous Favorites

It's been a couple of weeks since I did one of these, so here are Five Fantabulous Favorites that I discovered (or rediscovered) recently:

1. Dancing. My Recital is only eight days away! Ah! Right about now I want to rehearse every day, all day, yet also conserve what strength my feet still hold. Because my feet tell me after class that they don't want to stuff themselves in tight shoes and bear all of my weight on just my toes for long periods of time. Silly feet, don't you know that pointe is so pretty? I don't think that they care. Ballerina probs.

Here is a picture of my variation (solo piece) costume. Yes, I am Elsa. First, I lead the little girls to a dance to The Piano Guys Let It Go (the girls are dressed as little snow creations), and then I get to dance across the stage alone, performing what my teacher calls "the hardest variation you could have chosen." But I love it! I will make sure to take pictures of the magic of Recital and share them with you guys after the Big Day!

2. Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers. As I search the wide internet for inspiration and friends for my blog, I've met and seen some beautiful people and blogs. Below are links to a couple of lovely sites that you should go check out if you haven't already: 

My Spare 'Oom- I actually know Grace in real life, and her blog is so fun and real, yet takes you to a different place, a place that feels like Narnia. 

The Daisy Tree- Hannah (we share that spectacular name) shares refreshing (and often literary) thoughts that brighten my day! 

Eve of Womanhood- If you want to delve into a place full of captured moments and words of truth and grace, go to Eve's blog. It really is wonderful. And she designs pretty blogger templates too, with a sale this month!

Everything is Blogsome- Throughout this whole post-writing process today, I've listened to the music coming from this enchanting blog that I just found about life's adventures from Christine's world. 

These are just a few of the blogs that I found whilst on my search. (I just said the word whilst in a sentence. Now I feel old-fashioned and British, but I'll take that any day!) Find me on Bloglovin' to see all of the other blogs that I follow, and follow me while you're at it, if you like. 

3. Yoga. I always thought of myself as a Pilates girl, as I always like to move around and start sweating when I work out, but I tried yoga this week, and the rhythm of it calmed me much more than I thought. And I feel sore today, which is a credit towards Yoga, because it takes a bit to make me sore. Check out my Pinterest account to see several yoga routines that I've tried or plan on trying. 

4.  Dark chocolate. Have I told you of my love for dark chocolate? No? Well, I'm telling you now, one can never go wrong with dark chocolate! My mother gave me a solid dark chocolate bunny for a belated Easter gift, and I can see it right now, tempting me with its ear-less body. (Yep, I eat the ears first. What do you eat first?)

5. The rain. Lately, it has been raining, but yesterday, as the drops sounded outside my window I just paused to listen to them and absorb their melody. Here's what I wrote in response to the song of the rain: 
Bead of water falling down
Each little drop making a sound
                                                        One calls forth "wee", another "glee" 
Still one little drop wonders how this can be
That clouds of moisture can orchestrate 
A symphony so calm yet great
                               each drop sings a song
                                                                             it doesn't last long
But listen and learn from their melody
Of a Creator who makes such tones of glee! 

I hope that each of you have a fantabulous weekend! Do you have fun plans? What about dark chocolate? Yes, please eat some dark chocolate this weekend and listen, listen to the world and you might find Narnia (to read more about thoughts like this, visit my previous post here). Coming up, I would like to post about my favorite ways to use old bananas, because I have two sitting on the counter, perfectly (well, really over) ripe! 

Princess Hannah 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! You do dance?? That's awesome!!! And I love the Piano Guys Let it Go. I actually saw it done in concert! Sounds like the perfect background music.
    Chocolate is amazing! Although, I personally prefer milk chocolate. My mom likes dark, though.
    I love your poem about Rain! It's really well done.
    Thanks for sharing my blog link! I really appreciate it. I'm off to check out the other blogs you shared! My Spare 'Oom sounds promising. :)
    Oh, and I sent you a message on Pinterest. Hope you got it!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I pursue ballet quite seriously, and the Piano Guys just seem to be made for dancing to!

    I did get the message and replied!

  3. This post truly is fantabulous!
    You're a dancer?! Now that's amazing. (You look sooo gorgeous in the picture by the way.)
    Mmm! That chocolate bunny looks sooo good! I actually have a milk chocolate dove bunny in my room right now. Now you've tempted me to gobble it up as a late night snack. ;)
    OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you sooo much for sharing my blog in this post! When I saw my blog's name written on there, I smiled ear to ear and almost teared up as I read your kind words. Let me just say, I am truly honored. <3
    This post was amazing. I enjoyed reading every word. :)

    1. This comment made my day! Thank you very much for the encouragement and the inspiration!

      And yes, chocolate lures me in at night. "Just one little bite."